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Breastfeeding necklaces

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TheNameisNOTZiggy Sat 17-Nov-12 22:20:54

I bought one in a sale at Jo Jo mama bebe. Non mums always remark how lovely it is. £5 from £20. Def worth it to save me from the scratching & pinching!!
Good Luck. If you find anything you love do share with us!

AmandaW37 Sat 17-Nov-12 11:19:00

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earthymamalove Tue 22-Mar-11 23:07:25

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Porcelain Fri 28-Jan-11 18:39:15

I have the discretion muslin too, but when DS plays with it he flaps it like a big flag and flashes everyone, so I put a necklace over the top.

soccerwidow Fri 28-Jan-11 16:37:21

Ahh, i see...

I was bit of a prude about having bits of my body on show so the DC always had a cover of some description over them and they fiddled with that instead! (muslin tucked into my bra strap type thing)

It also stopped sudden-pull-off-nipple as they couldn't see much to distract them lol!

Porcelain Fri 28-Jan-11 06:48:07

Soccerwidow, it gives older babies something to fiddle with that isn't your face, your other nipple etc. I have a sternum piercing so It's invaluable.
There are some nice ones on etsy too.

soccerwidow Thu 27-Jan-11 19:01:34

i don't really know what a feeding necklace is or what it is for but

..I used a hairband on my wrist - I swopped it over to remind my which side to feed from first & I fed on demand.

organiccarrotcake Thu 27-Jan-11 18:57:24

I have a mama jewels one which my son LOVES and chews all the time. Not a mark on it. Really tough string and individually knotted beads make it really safe. It's like a very portable toy in a way (and it's CE marked).

I also have a Little Gems one which is gorgeous (watch the import duty if you buy them from the US - about £14) and real stones rather than plastic. DS doesn't like it quite some much but he still loves twiddling with it while nursing.

If anything the Mama Jewels one distracts him from nursing as he likes it so much!

Bumperrlicious Thu 27-Jan-11 13:48:59

No, they are a little expensive for me though now I come to think of it I have a 15% off code emailed to me as I entered the competition on her website, it's VALENTINE15 (not on hand/finger print jewellery).

Tempted to request one for my birthday though.

Miranda37 Wed 26-Jan-11 10:44:22

Thanks loads, they look really nice

Have you tried these ones yourself?

Porcelain Tue 25-Jan-11 19:20:07

I have a mama jewels one different to the ones in the link though. If you Google she has her own site and she is really lovely and helpful

Bumperrlicious Tue 25-Jan-11 14:26:09

these are nice

Miranda37 Tue 25-Jan-11 14:15:22

My little boy it piching and scartching my chest to bits - I am breastfeeding him and one bottle a day too.

Can anyone recommend some nice Breastfeeding necklaces that are nice not to mumsy.


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