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Falling asleep at the breast at bedtime?

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choceyes Sun 16-Jan-11 20:49:30

Or not??

not sure whether this should be here, or sleeping or parenting, but hoping for some answers please!

My 5 month old hardly ever falls asleep breastfeeding (she did in the early weeks not anymore). I wear her in the sling most of the day as she didn't like the buggy, so she is used to falling asleep in the sling during the day.

In the evening she wants to go in the sling to sleep too, even though she is tired I just can't make her sleep by breastfeeding. Sometimes she does fall asleep but wakes up after a few minutes, and only the sling will make her fall asleep.

My DH wears her in the evening cos I'm tired from wearing her during the day. Although he doesn't mind it, it does get in the way of chores, and he says that he can't really relax while wearing her (and I understand as it's like that for me during the day), so it's becoming a bit of a problem now.

Is this normal? SHould we be trying harder to get her to sleep independantly?
We have a 2yr old too, and he was just fed to sleep and put in his cot, no problems, so not sure why DD is like this?

otherwise she is happy, settled, sleeps well at night (we co-sleep), hardly ever cries (prob cos she is being carried all the time!), so it's not a big deal wearing her in the sling in the evening, but would like to know if she will ever grow out of this?!

RJandA Sun 16-Jan-11 21:40:44

I think it's pretty normal to stop falling asleep at the breast around that age - certainly my DD did anyway. If the sling's working for you then not sure it's a problem, but at some point I guess you are going to have to find some other way to get her to sleep - slinging a toddler around the place sounds like hard work!

I guess the way you go about it is up to you, if she co-sleeps, could you try lying down with her while she goes to sleep then sneak off to enjoy your evening? Or there are lots of different versions of controlled crying, some of which aren't as harsh as you might think at first glance.

When you say you wear her most of the day - do you just mean for sleeps, or all the time?

choceyes Mon 17-Jan-11 07:14:40

I have tried lying down with her and she does go to sleep after a feed sometimes but then she wakes up again after a few minutes. It's only in the sling that she falls asleep do a deep sleep.

I wear her for her sleeps during the day. I have a 2yr old that i run around after during the day, so it suits me to have her in the sling then.

MamaChris Mon 17-Jan-11 08:05:17

dt2 (3mo) is like this. can you rock her to sleep not in sling? if so, try putting her down just as eyes are closing, and if she wakes pick up and repeat. did this over xmas, and he learnt to be rocked and put down, but then le5t him sling sleep all last week and now he's forgotten any other way hmm

other option is to use a ring sling so once asleep you can take baby and sling o9ff together and put down. I've never managed this, but works for a friend who has a sling baby

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