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What is tthis pain?

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renlovesyou Sat 15-Jan-11 22:55:41

After a feed, I get an achy pain in my breasts. Sometimes its so far reaching it goes under my arm pit.

Its kinda dull and moves from the back (quite deep) of the boobie to the front?

Any ideas? Both boobs, after every feed?

pinkyp Sat 15-Jan-11 23:09:47

Do you have any lumps / red patches or hot boobs? There classic signs of mastitus, i had similiar aching pains when i had it but i had lots of other symptoms aswell so dont panic.Sorry not much help

renlovesyou Sat 15-Jan-11 23:18:25

No, none. My boobs sometimes hurt if someone gives me a tight hug as well. More so if baby is due for a feed.

booboobeedoo Sun 16-Jan-11 04:29:08

Deep breast pain after a feed can be a sign of thrush in the breast.

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