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Blood in DD's poo!

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Parker23 Fri 14-Jan-11 17:41:49

I just need some opinions/help so thought I'd ask you knowledgeable ladies!

My DD is 17 days old and as her digestive system has been settling down she's had a lot of discomfort with what we thought was wind. So initially we tried a bit of Infacol, which didn't do much, and then when she showed pain and distress after every feed, along with a dry croaky cough and sicky repeating, we were prescribed some Infant Gaviscon. To be fair I only gave her one full dose of Gaviscon yesterday and then a 3rd of a dose on 2 feeds in the night. Mainly because I couldn't express much milk to mix it with and it was such a faff administering it with a syringe etc. But also because I am aware that a new baby's digestion just needs to settle and establish itself.

Anyway, last night she did about 8-10 poos and today I noticed about a third of a tsp of fresh blood in her poo. I rang the HV and she said it was probably just due to the excessive pooing and straining. She said not to worry but to keep an eye on it in case it gets worse.

My question, I suppose, is...has anyone else experienced this and has anyone had this result from Infant Gaviscon? I don't want to give her more if it's going to make the bleeding worse but she's so unhappy after feeds and is red faced, squealing and kicking with pain! Just want to relieve her discomfort but also understand if I have to just cope with her crying and wait for her to get through this rough stage. sad

winnybella Fri 14-Jan-11 17:46:07

Hmm. Not sure baby needs to get through an adjustment period- my two never had a problem...I would go back to the doctor tbh.

TruthSweet Fri 14-Jan-11 17:53:23

Parker - Infant Gaviscon can be made with cool boiled water rather than expressed milk.


Breast-fed infants: Under 4.5kg (10lb) one dose. Over 4.5kg (10lb), two doses. Add 5ml of cooled, boiled water to the powder in a glass. Mix to a smooth paste and add another 10ml water to the mix. Give after each feed, using a spoon or feeding bottle.

I would seriously consider taking my baby to paed. A&E if they pooed blood (if it was after surgery hours - urgent GP appointment if in hours).

gummymum Fri 14-Jan-11 18:01:18

See your GP or a doctor, very unlikely to be the gaviscon, it can cause constipation but doesn't sound like your dd gas this if she's pood 8 times today.

blueberrycupcake Fri 14-Jan-11 18:20:49

My advice is to take your DD to get checked over by a paediatrician. Did your DD have the vitamin K injection?

Parker23 Fri 14-Jan-11 19:52:24

Yes, I understand the concern from you all!

I was a little alarmed when I first saw it but it was a tiny amount and she has been straining a lot so I'll reserve judgment until tomorrow. If I notice any more I'll make a doctors appointment straight away!

Yes she did have the vitamin K injection. I hadn't thought of that though...?

It's a bit of a worry but I'm not going to freak out tonight. Night times are bad enough without panicking about things like that. I'm going to try to keep calm and keep a very close eye on her till tomorrow. She's putting on weight really well, she's pooing and weeing regularly and apart from the post-feed crying she seems content. Poor little mite! I just wish I could comfort her when she's uncomfortable! I think we may skip the Gaviscon for tonight and put up with the crying. Just in case there is something else wrong. I don't want to aggravate it further!

Thanks for your advice all! x

Parker23 Sat 15-Jan-11 14:56:25

Oh and sorry TruthSweet I forgot to say thanks for the tips about the Gaviscon. I did know it could be made up with water but she hated it and wouldn't swallow any so after reading a few threads on here I tried it with milk which she happily drank. I tried her with more last night before her last feed.

However, last night was a nightmare. She wouldn't settle, she wanted to feed every hour...or should I say all the time, but I kept trying to put her down to sleep.

She pooped every hour too. It was constant pushing and grunting all night! Even when she was half asleep she kept us up with the little noises! She was even pushing and straining as we were changing her! Anyway, around 5am she was doing just this and there was a bit more bloody as she strained to push out more. Only a few drops but it was there! I really do think it was from all the straining and pushing but I desperately need to work out how to sooth her!

I rang the on call doctor this morning and she said not to worry too much as it's not uncommon and that I should make an appointment to see a doctor on Monday unless it gets worse over the weekend, in which case we should go to A&E before. But she thought it was ok and that we should maybe try a dummy to calm her constant need to feed. Which may give her time to digest properly and stop the constant pooping long enough for her to heal.

We tried the dummy thing this morning and after a bit of a fuss she took it and it did stop the grizzling and rooting. After about 20mins she actually slept and I managed to have a desperately needed nap too. She spat the dummy out eventually and I fed her, but she didn't seem to feed for very long. When I changed her mid morning she also had greenish poo. Which I put down to her feeding so much last night that I didn't have time to make much hind-milk? So she probably had too much for-milk. Does this sound about right? She never really managed a long satisfying feed because she was forever feeding, sleeping and pooping and then wanting more feed.

God it's such a puzzle! And just when you think you've worked it out they change again! The thing I'm worried about now is that she's slept so much today already! I'm worried this will mean she'll be awake all night again! Or doesn't it work like that for such young babies?

p.s. Sorry for the essay! It's just so much to get my head around?? confused

CabbagefromaBaby Sat 15-Jan-11 15:03:09

Do ask them to test a sample in case she has an infection - 10 poos in a night sounds an awful lot even for a tiny baby.

Hope you get it sorted soon, whatever it is.

niniane Sat 15-Jan-11 23:52:32

I had exactly the same problem with my DD. For her first 3 weeks she was quite unsettled but people kept saying 'Babies cry you know' and being a first time mum I accepted that. At around 19 days old she suddenly went from pooing once a day to pooing 6 or 7 times a day and every poo contained blood. I spoke to both NHS Direct and my HV who told me not to worry but after 9 days of it went to see the Dr. He told me it was probably straining but I wasn't happy with that, went back 2 days later and got an immediate referral to a paediatrician. He diagnosed a milk allergy and she was put straight onto Nutramigen. After a few days the blood disappeared and she went back to pooing once a day. She's had no problems since. I'd go back to your doctor and if he doesn't give you a referral then go to A&E.

jandmmum Sun 16-Jan-11 04:19:11

My DD had a little blood in her nappy at this age without the straining. HV said it was probably a mini period shock. Would seek advice if it continues though

chillichill Sun 16-Jan-11 08:51:37

milk allergy sounds likely. a friend ds just went through the same thing. she cut out all dairy and he is fine now. mine as s dairy sensitivity too.
the green poo could be from too much for milk but if you've been cluster feeding you should have plenty of hind milk
is the poo mucousy? milk allergy causes blood in poo, cold like symptoms, eczema, green poo, colic, all the things you described.
if I were you, I would go off all dairy. if that is the problem you will see a difference pretty quickly but may take a few weeks for all symptoms to disappear. check kellymom or just Google it for more info. good luck.

Parker23 Mon 17-Jan-11 02:16:09

Thanks that's really helpful info! We ended up in A&E on Saturday night because the bleeding got worse! After she poos and whilst I'm changing her nappy she's straining and pushing out about half a tsp of blood each time. A&E said it was probably a tear and it would heal itself but if it got a lot worse to go back.

I don't want to panick as blood is always destressing and it could just be something as simple as that, but I do feel it could be something else. I think I'm going to try cutting dairy products out from tomorrow.

Someone mentioned that it was the milk proteins that were the problem so does that mean that Lactous free milk is still off bounds then? I think it still has milk proteins in it? God I'm just thinking of all the things I need to avoid!!'s practically everything! Worth it if she gets better though!

Thanks again! x

CabbagefromaBaby Mon 17-Jan-11 09:41:42

Did they take a sample? They really ought to be testing for infection.

Poor you and poor baby, I'm sorry this is still such a concern.

Can you see someone today and insist they take it seriously and put your mind at rest? It sounds as though she is in some discomfort.

is she still pooing as frequently?

chillichill Mon 17-Jan-11 10:22:53

yes, lactose free is off limits try cutting out all dairy, yes, even cakes, and see how she gets on. if it all clears up, you can start introducing some dairy again and see how she reacts. mine is fine with cakes or some milk in my coffee but I would not eat cheese cake or have a latte, iyswim. she even seemed ok with a little bit of goats cheese so might try that again.
you get used to it pretty quickly and its actually helped me drop some of the baby weight. fyi- Costa do a lovely gingerbread soy milk latte.

Cassie321 Mon 17-Jan-11 13:54:14

We had the same problem with our boy and to be honest nothing helped, the blood in his stools was down to him straining and the straining and stomach ache was put down to a developing digestive system, it did go after a couple of weeks so dnt worry it does get better

Cassie321 Mon 17-Jan-11 13:57:28

I dont think it had anything to do with dairy or anything i was eating as no matter what i cut out it still happened i believe it was just his digestive system maturing.

Parker23 Mon 17-Jan-11 23:32:09

Thanks Cabbagefromababy! I do want to give up dairy for a week or two just to see if it helps. Besides, I may as well join the throngs of women attempting bazaar diets in Janurary eh!?

Cassie321 that has really made me feel better! It's good to know someone else has experienced the same and it has turned out just as the doctors are suggesting! It also makes me want to ditch the dairy free diet as soon as I've started it and have a large latte and a piece of cake! ; ) Did your DS poo a lot too then? I reckon my DD goes about 14 times in 24hrs!! That's a lot of nappies!!

We went to the doctors again today but they all say the same. Keep qn eye on it. It's probably just a tear and it will heal itself in time. They couldn't refer me to anyone until we're sure it's not getting better or it's got worse. Most of the time I'm calm and Philisophical about it but other times it freaks me out! I think I just need more sleep!! x

CabbagefromaBaby Tue 18-Jan-11 07:21:59

Don't be fobbed off, please - I know you feel like a nuisance but you are genuinely concerned and they ought to take that seriously.

Did they specify how long it has to go on for to be classed as 'not getting better'?

I would give it a week, maximum, from when it started and then sit in the Dr's surgery and refuse to move until she was referred.

Cutting out dairy will do no harm whatever the cause, so feel free to do that too.

Good luck.

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