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Recurring blocked duct

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Haggisfish Thu 13-Jan-11 23:17:24

Hello all,
Well, my little one is 6.5 months old and still bf. I have gone back to work 4 days a week and express once at work. However, I keep getting a recurring blocked duct on one side only. It's in my tiny boob, as well - it seems so unfair! The boob is not overly full and is still soft. They did get very full on Monday, but I pumped and baby fed when I got home and it has developed again over the last 24 hours. it is very painful, with no obvious white blockage at tip. I can feel a round smooth lump about half a cm back from nipple. I have had hot bath/massaged/drunk water as I think I may be dehydrated (am a teacher, so talk a lot!).

Anyone any tips on how to avoid them or had problems like this before? I suppose I am slightly concerned because I will be reducing the number of feds soon, and am worried this will keep happening for the next year until I stop!

Thanks in advance.

Ieattoomuchcake Sat 15-Jan-11 23:07:10

Sorry I don't have any great advice but just wanted to say I feel your pain.
I am just BF DD, not expressing, so not sure what my reason is, but I keep getting a blocked duct. It's on the side of my boob nearest my arm and sometimes it gets so sore it really hurts to move my arm.

I just keep getting DD to feed from it and she always removes the blockage within a day or so.

The only tips I've received are to keep feeding from that side and to massage the blockage while feeding.

Its blocked at the moment and I hear DD harrumphing in her bed so I'm off for a feed now, see if she unblocks me!!

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