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Getting a little concerned

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alfiemama Thu 13-Jan-11 14:18:54

Lo is 9 weeks old and was born via section.

She is so mucusy and wheezy that even the HV was concerned and asked me to take lo to the GP so he could listen to her chest,she also brings up every bottle.

We took lo to the GP and he said her chest was clear, but was probably mucus in her system from the section but given she was also being sick and had other symptoms, and also hereditary ( 6 year old has reflux), diagnosed her with reflux and prescribed her with Gaviscon. Unfortunately this made her very constipated and I had to take her of this.

I have also tried Sma staydown, but she was so sick on this it made her choke, due to it being so thick.

It's like she is producing more mucus. As when she is sick she vomits a lot of mucus, I would have thought it would have all be gone by now. She is currently on Cow and Gate Comfort milk.

Any advice more than appreciated.

japhrimel Thu 13-Jan-11 16:23:38

Can you get a paed referral? My DD was born by forceps CS and spent 3 days in SCBU with fluid on her lungs and stomach - couldn't feed properly until it was cleared.

alfiemama Thu 13-Jan-11 23:04:03

Thanks japhrimel, must have been very scary for you.

I will speak to the GP again and see what the suggest.

The GP did say it wasn't on her chest. I also find the rattling is very positional and more evident after her milk.

Tonight I am trying Aptamil comfort rather than cow and gate comfort, with half gaviscon. I found mixed opinions though on the net as to whether you can mix them, does anybody know?

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