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Making the transition from FFing in a bottle to sippy cup

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theborrower Thu 13-Jan-11 09:18:50

My baby is just over 5 months and we mix feed (mostly FF but gets 2 mini BFs a day - this is because BFing was a real struggle and establishing exclusive BFing was becoming Mission Impossible).

Anyway, I know that I can BF as long as I need to, but we had a visit from the HV yesterday to talk about weaning after 6 months and she gave us a sippy cup and said we should start introducing it so that by the time she is a year old she gets all her milk from a cup.

How do you make the transition from bottle to sippy cup? Do we just start trying her out with it once a day and see how she takes to it? Or do we ditch the bottles straight away so she doesn't get confused between chopping and changing? Also, I've seen these Tommee Tippee bottles that seem to be a bit of a crossover - look like bottles but have handles - are these worth it as a bridge while she learns to hold itm properly before moving to the cup? She often does try to hold her bottle as we feed her, so does this mean that we should be making the swap already?

Also, we make up bottles of formula in advance and store in the fridge - as the sippy cup doesn't have measurements I'm assuming we just need to make up a bottle as normal and transfer into the cup, but does this mean we still need to sterilise the cup after each use too?

Sorry for so many questions!! Looking forward to hearing what other people do.

Flojo1979 Thu 13-Jan-11 11:23:50

I'd avoid any 'cross over' bottles, i found them a complete waste of money, continue with bottles until weaning it established and offer water in the sippy cup. Once weaned your baby wont require as much milk and at around 12 months when finger feeding etc they naturally want to use the cup themselves and make the cross over anyway

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