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Is my 8 month old getting enough milk?

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foodaholic Wed 12-Jan-11 23:30:08

My 8 month old EBF DS seems to have lost interest in his breastfeeds. He's now on 3 solid meals a day and is eating very well. I'm a bit concerned that he's not getting enough milk as I know milk's really important until he's 1. He was previously fed on demand and loved it. However, over the last wee while, he is very easily distracted at the breast and doen't seem very interested. I no longer feed him during the night as he's virtually sleeping though (way-hay!) and he feeds fine before bed and in the morning but during the day, I regularly struggle to get him to feed. He's a really energetic wee soul and sitting still feeding for any length of time doesn't seem to be his cup of tea. I would say that I feed him once or maybe twice during the day and the feeds are nowhere near as long as they used to be. Sometimes he just sits there and I know he's taking virtually nothing and just enjoying the comfort. Is this enough? He seems happy and is gaining weight. I give him some water with his meals but not loads. I'm tempted to supplement with some formula during the day to ensure that he's getting enough and continue with the breastfeeds morning and night. Does this seem like a good idea? Would rather not start FF at this stage (nothing against it - just lazy) if I'm honest as hoped to breastfeed him until he was 1. Just concerned when I see other mums producing large bottles of milk for their babies at around the same age as I doubt my DS is getting the same amount from the breast. Any advice would be appreciated.

Tryharder Wed 12-Jan-11 23:50:58

I don't think I would be worried if I were you - if he wants feeding, then surely he'd take it? He's clearly having 2 large milk feeds a day plus shorter feeds and is probably getting a lot more milk than you would estimate.

Does he have cereal with milk on? Perhaps you could express some and mix it with his food if you are truly worried.

I wouldn't bother with formula myself.

NotQuiteCockney Thu 13-Jan-11 07:45:07

I wouldn't worry either. As you don't want to introduce formula, don't. He's probably getting loads at his morning and night breastfeeds.

And as tryharder says, if you're worried about dairy, offer him more dairy with his meals, or express ...

foodaholic Thu 13-Jan-11 12:38:53

Thanks. That puts my mind at ease. Already giving him yoghurt every day but might start offering more cheese.

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