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Can length of feed suddenly reduce dramatically?

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cat811 Sun 09-Jan-11 13:54:25

DD is 16 weeks, and has always fed for at least 10-15 mins, and needed both sides (so at least 30mins a feed)
However, in the last week or two, she's only feeding for 3-4 mins before coming off and fussing/getting restless/trying to sit up. I swap her over when she does this, and then try to swap back, but she won't suck anymore after a total of around 8mins max (4 on each) She is then v restless and a bit grumpy during day, so have wondered if she is hungry, but her napping has been awful since Xmas, and she's really tired all day, so it's hard to know which is it - and if she is hungry, why isn't she feeding any more? (I offer as often as she squeaks!) -

Do it seem at all possible that she could suddenly be so efficient as to get all she needs in that short a time?! Doesn't seem possible to me! She does feed for more like 10-15min before bed, and whenever she wakes at night (after 3/4 hours) she always feeds for 15mins each side-30min in total.

Don't know if should be worried/trying to feed more/trying to up supply during day, or just leave her to it!
Thanks x

LBsmum Sun 09-Jan-11 14:00:38

I don't think you need to worry unless she seems unwell, lost significant weight

IME around this time babies do all of a sudden start taking less time to feed, think they become more effecient as you said and become more easily distracted

I think you should probably be pleased that feeding is now going to take less time, which makes it easier to fit around other things if you want to get out and about.

Try not to look at the clock too much, don,t think it's a reliable indicator of how much milk they are taking. The grumpy tired baby thing is IMO unrelated, bloody naps the bain of my life

Zimm Sun 09-Jan-11 20:39:17

MY DD got a lot more efficient at 15/16 weeks - a similar pattern to what you describe. She's still gaining weight like a trooper. I posted on here at the time and everyone told me it was normal. Don't forget not only is she more efficient but you are too - quicker let-dwn/flow etc.

Amandamumtothree Sun 09-Jan-11 21:33:21

Hi. Same pattern here. Difference is he comes off rooting still and screaming. Fussyfretful at breast. Wt gain poor. Appears to be poor milk supply due to Tongue tie. Been like this since around 15 weeks, now 22.

IMHO I'd say if wt gain ok, wet and dirty nappies, don't worry too much. If wt gain poor or other signs of insufficient feeding perhaps ask for feed to be observed at bf support group or baby cafe if one near by. Found cafe really helpful.

Good luck

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