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Mixed feeding past six months

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HelenLG Sun 09-Jan-11 11:30:34


DS is breastfed mainly with the odd bottle of formula, which I want to continue as I go to work, so he will be eventually have one bottle of formula a day.

Do I need to switch to follow on formula, or just stay with 1st stage milk? He's having aptamil 1st at the moment, but is having 8oz everytime he has a bottle.

I worry about the follow on milk upsetting his tummy if he is used to breast milk, but on the other hand he's having solids now so I don't know if that counts...

JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 09-Jan-11 11:33:10

Don't know much about it HelenLG but know many Mums who have stuck with their formula rather than swapping to follow on milk and then just used cow's milk from 12 months.

Zimm Sun 09-Jan-11 11:39:49

I think follow on milk is supposed to be identical more or less to first milk - they just make it to get round the marketing rukes...

theborrower Sun 09-Jan-11 11:42:29

I got a leaflet from the health visitor about milks and follow on milks and it said that there was no need to swap from first stage milks at all, they're pefectly suitable. May go and find the leaflet and quote from it later...

MoonUnitAlpha Sun 09-Jan-11 12:27:16

Follow on milk isn't as good as first milk - better to stick with the first milk until you can switch to cows milk.

HelenLG Sun 09-Jan-11 13:00:30

Ok brilliant, we'll just carry on as we are then, thanks

tiktok Sun 09-Jan-11 14:24:13

Follow on is not identical to first milks - in fact it is important that babies are at least six months before having follow on. The biggest difference is the increased level of iron, sodium and the type of protein.

Babies are fine of first milks after six months - no need to change, just as others have said

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