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Domperidone, where to get it.

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Amandamumtothree Sat 08-Jan-11 21:06:18

Hi all

I'm bf my third baby with tongue tie. H is by far the hardest I've had. He has always become fussy/fretful as soon as he's had the initial rush of letdown. He is now breast refusing. I'm very sore despite good latch. I've had lots of support from lactation consultant. We've tried diet changes, expressing (which I do 6-8 times a day). Despite this I'm struggling with low milk supply. Wt gain poor (occaisional loss), If anything worse now due to refusal. H is 5 months old.

Lactation consultant has suggested domperidone 20mg 4 times a day. This works out around £30 a week.

Any recommendations on buying it cheaper?

Anyone managed to get it prescribed? If so how?
(not sure my gp is sympathetic enough - last input was try formula).

Any experiences on domperidone welcome please.


Poogles Sat 08-Jan-11 21:19:02

DS was given it for reflux although it turned out that he had a hernia in the end! If GP unsympathetic maybe say he has started vomiting (DS started at 6 months) and suggest domperidone for the vomiting.

Amandamumtothree Sat 08-Jan-11 21:37:15

Thanks poogles. He has had Zantac for reflux due to acid from too much foremilk. Prob is the paed dose will be much lower than the mum dose. Thanks tho. Maybe just need to beg. It's a lot of money. A

Poogles Sat 08-Jan-11 22:13:05

Maybe try telling GP you have been recommended it & ask for it. Failing that, find a more sympathetic GP? (easier said than done!). Good luck x

sleepysox Sat 08-Jan-11 22:17:07

My GP prescribed it. I just asked him and he did it for 6 months I told him it was cheaper for the NHS than DS getting ill due to lack of antibodies etc.

It increased my milk supply by 25% and is truly a wonder drug imo.

violetbouncer Sat 08-Jan-11 22:17:43

Would your lactation consultant phone or write a letter for your GP?

sleepysox Sat 08-Jan-11 22:20:06

I have 40 tablets left of the 10mg domperidone exp nov 2014.

here's my email addy if you wnat me to post them to you. (Free of charge of course)

sally-hinchliffe at gofast dot co dot uk

Amandamumtothree Sat 08-Jan-11 22:51:56

Thanks all.

Sleepysox. Thanks for that. Will mail you. 5 more days sorted!!

Can I ask how you worked out 25% increase in supply?? Did you keep expressing throughout?

FrozenNorthPole Sat 08-Jan-11 22:59:39

Go to your GP, definitely - it did brilliant things for my milk supply with DD1. Failing that can you CAT me, as I have some spare (I think about 2 boxes, but would have to check the expiry date). DH is a GP and would prescribe it at the drop of a hat, as would many of his colleagues - violetbouncer's idea is good. Let me know if you want any academic references for the efficacy of domperidone as a galactagogue to support your case.

FrozenNorthPole Sat 08-Jan-11 23:00:15

Sorry, should have been clearer: domperidone did great things for my milk supply with DD1, not merely visiting my GP blush

Amandamumtothree Sat 08-Jan-11 23:05:22

Hi sleepysox. Failure notice on your email. Prob my sleep deprivation. Thx tho.

Frozennorthpole - thanks, what does CAT mean? First time here, sorry!

I think if I can demonstrate efficacy by use, should make the argument stronger.

Have tried different gp at same practice re feeding probs earlier. Same advice tho. Try bottle. Gggrrrrrrr.

Amandamumtothree Sat 08-Jan-11 23:51:14

Hi FrozenNorthPole

I've read the acronyms and worked CAT out. I've sent you a PM.


snice Sat 08-Jan-11 23:55:16

I was recommended this by midwife (branded Motillium) when I was struggling with supply-when I mentioned it to the Gp he laughed at me and said "what would you need that for , its nothing to do with breastfeeding. You must have got the name wrong" . Made to feel like an idiot for asking.

FrozenNorthPole Sun 09-Jan-11 00:09:35

Snice, that's horrid. What a supercilious twat. sad Thanks Amanda, will reply tomorrow - DD2 finally unlatched from breast so am going to sneak us both up to bed before she feeds again.

splatt Sun 09-Jan-11 05:56:46

Just ask your GP.
Print off some evidence for him/her (my health visitor did this for me but I'm sure your lactation consultant will do it). He then had no issues.

My friend who is a GP was even surprised this was necessary, she often prescribes it.

The issue is that use of domperidone for lactation is off liscence. The fact that it increase milk supply is actually a side effect of the drug. But there is so much good evidence that many GPs will be happy to prescribe it.

sleepysox Sun 09-Jan-11 09:05:56

YOu need to replace the at with @ etc
If you give me your email I can contact you.
I don't want to join cat, as it will cost me £5 and when I used to subscribe I only ever received a cat once!!!

I know it increased my milk supply by 25% because at the time DS was in the NICU and couldn't bf due to not being able to latch, so all I did for a week was express, so could monitor output.

NotQuiteCockney Sun 09-Jan-11 09:47:26

Point your GP at online information from Dr Jack Newman?

Our local BF folk have standard letters that they just add the mum's name to, to give to the GPs, saying 'I think this mum would benefit from domperidone, can you please prescribe it'. I think they work ...

Amandamumtothree Sun 09-Jan-11 12:18:49

Thanks all. Will make an apt asap.

Sleepysox- I just went on PM and sent a mail. Said that they don't charge. Will email u again anyway. Having tough feeding morn. Not fed since 4am this am and clearly hungry. Refusing. Expressing as we speak and only got an ounce.

Can I check dose? Box says not to take more than 4 tabs in 24 hours. Recommends 1 tab 3 times. If take too much to seek medical advice. Jack Newman info says 2 tabs 4 times a day which is way more.

sleepysox Sun 09-Jan-11 13:46:41

Oh I didn't know about not having to pay, I'll give it a go in a mo.

For 10mg Domperidone I had to take 2 tablets four times daily. So it's 20mg 4 x daily.

Sorry your morning isn't going well feeding wise. Take heart that BF doesn't always come easy to everyone. I struggled with poor supply with DS1 and Ds2, despite seeing a lactation consultant and having specialist bf counsellors come and help with latching each day for 5 days whilst I was in hospital recovering from a c section.

sleepysox Sun 09-Jan-11 13:49:44

Have sent you a message with my email addy in.

FrozenNorthPole Sun 09-Jan-11 14:00:40

It's safe to take more than the recommendation on the box (in my own experience). Side effects would likely be some, erm, bowel regularity and possibly headaches: remember to stay really hydrated whilst taking them.

Amandamumtothree Sun 09-Jan-11 16:32:01

Thanks. X

Amandamumtothree Mon 10-Jan-11 20:22:55

Well. 48 hours after starting Dom, i've had two feeds this pm that have not ended in a screaming, back arching, hissy fit. Too early to be sure but my fingers are firmly crossed. I've got apt Friday. Thanks all for the advice.

sleepysox Mon 10-Jan-11 20:26:27

Glad it's working out

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