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Question about position to hold refluxy baby after winding

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edwardscissorhands Sat 08-Jan-11 07:18:21

I posted this other thread but in case it doesn't get picked up...

I've been advised to hold baby so legs are dangling to open up his tight diaphragm which is causing all manner of colicky/refluxy symptoms.

It's easy enough when I hold him in front of me in the air this way, but not after feeding/winding when I want to hold him against me but in optimum position to prevent regurgitation. Suggestions? Should I put his chest against my chest? But Where do my hands go - on his upper chest? How do I get him to dangle his legs which he wants to bend up against my chest? Should I stand?

Help/advice appreciated - thanks

smallwars Sat 08-Jan-11 15:06:14

I'd be really interested to know about this too. Anyone?

gloyw Sat 08-Jan-11 20:03:11

My refluxy DS seemed happiest when held chest to chest (me standing), with one hand under his bum and slightly between his legs, supporting him, and one spread against his back, keeping him pressed to me.

Facing inwards in the Baby Bjorn carrier was absolutely ideal, btw. He was straight, legs down, very comfortable. I think a few parents of refluxy babies have found this.

Winding at night in bed was hardest. He woke a lot, and I was knackered, so had to stay sitting down. It helped having a big fat cushion to put on my lap, so I could sit him sideways on that, higher up than he would just be on my lap. Then his legs had a bit of room to stretch out. I found just quietly holding him upright for 20 mins let him get his wind up was most successful. Grim when you are tired and just want to put them down and go back to sleep, though.

HappyAsASandboy Sun 09-Jan-11 15:02:07

Hi, I just posted this on your other thread:

2I hold them with their heads around boob height (in the middle of my body), with one hand on their back and one between their legs sort of holding their bottoms. When their legs are still bent up hight, I alternate this with up on my shoulder as I think the movement helps to move the air around. Quite often the babies sort of 'list' over to one side when held down my front, ending up almost in the cradle hold again - I just keep them moving really."

To answer your subsequent question - standing is so much better than sitting smile I think these babies know what is easiest for us and do the opposite wink

edwardscissorhands Sun 09-Jan-11 16:31:22

Thanks so much HappyAsSandboy - we tried it and it seems to work well...fingers crossed

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