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wierd rash - any ideas?

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Leviathan Sat 08-Jan-11 00:08:35

I am fully breast feeding my 11week old. Last night I gave him a feed and expressed some into a bottle before going out for 4 hours. While I was out, my boobs started itching and when I got back I had an itchy rash on them (like from stinging nettles) This spread rapidly all over my body and then by this morning has more or less gone- but still about in patches.

I haven't changed anything - diet or washing powder wise and somehow feel it is linked to my boobs feeling so full a lot of the time and the fact that it went down so soon after doing a feed. I have spoken to nhs direct, 2 health visitors and a lactation consultant and no-one has any idea what it could be?!

anyone here got any ideas? all i could think of was my boobs overflowed and the milk got in my bloodstream and i reacted to it but all the people i spoke to had never heard of that happening before?? i don't feel ill with it apart from being a bit tired but i feel tired quite a bit. I've had mastitis 2x already but it doesnt feel like that


JetLi Sat 08-Jan-11 00:35:00

Have a look at PUPS - would that sound familiar? Although for it to come 11 weeks post partum would probably be unusual....

Leviathan Sun 09-Jan-11 21:32:20

Cheers, I had a look - the rash sounds similar but didn't start on my stretch marks - also came and went within 24 hours...

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