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Managing growth spurts in ff baby

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lainey1981 Fri 07-Jan-11 21:07:42


Looking for some advice.ds1 is nearly 6 weeks and up till yesterday had been eating around 4oz per feed every 3-4 hours. However since yesterday he seems to have turned into an eating machine often taking another 2 oz or so an hour after he finished previous feed. Today he had 4.5oz at 9.30 then another 4.5 at 12.30 then fell asleep, woke for 2oz at 3.30ish then took 4.5oz at 7pm. At 8 he was still hungry and took another 3oz! He has just dozed off an expect him to have another feed between 10-30 and 11 before going down till 2-3am.

Is this inconsistent feeding the start of a growth spurt or could he bee feeding a bit more in the day as has started to sleep for 4-4.5 hours at night so feeding less frequently then?

Also he has been I'll for the last week sk had a couple of days when he was only taking a couple of ozs at each feed and vomiting a lot due to phlegm

Sorry for rambly post, due want to ensure am not overfeeding him, worried that am not reading his cues correctly, ( though he is keeping all food down, not being sick)

Any advice if my post made any sense, gratefully received


lainey1981 Fri 07-Jan-11 21:09:19

I Mentioned him being I'll as wondering if babies try to 'make up' for food they have missed? <clueless first time mum>

DimplesOHara Fri 07-Jan-11 21:18:46

It sounds like the 6 week growth spurt to me! When DD (now 13wks) did the same, I put 5 oz in the botte instead of the normal 4oz and just let her get on with it iyswim, if she wanted it she took it, left it if she was full.
When she started to take the 5oz more than leaving it over a week or so I knew it was time to move her milk up.
Just follow his lead, he'll let you know what he wants!
(Although a bit of warning, baby sometimes change the rules without telling you and you'll be 5oz, then 7oz, back to 4oz, then 6oz! All part of the fun!) wink

lainey1981 Fri 07-Jan-11 21:37:39

Thanks dimples

Just so clueless about things, but as you say follow his lead

DimplesOHara Fri 07-Jan-11 22:00:20

No problems hun, btw the 'make up' for food after being ill can happen to, DD had a viral infection then her jabs and went off her milk for a couple of days, we knew she was better when she sucked the bottle dry in about 5 mins then cried for more after an hour!

(just a lil bit of reasurance, I'm still clueless, but only now with a 13wk old instead lol wink grin )

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