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Who knew drinking milk was an Olympic gymnastic event?

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MummyBerryJuice Thu 06-Jan-11 18:24:06

DS is definitely on a full time training schedule for the British team. grin Any other budding gymnasts out there?

TuttoRhino Thu 06-Jan-11 19:07:35

Oh yes I've got one. I can only hope she's doing doing permanent damage to my nipples.

TuttoRhino Thu 06-Jan-11 19:07:45

not doing that is

MummyBerryJuice Thu 06-Jan-11 19:17:10

LOL. He's really using me as a climbing frame atm, especially for his bedtime feed.

RJandA Fri 07-Jan-11 10:01:36

Stand up, sit down, turn round....

ZacharyQuack Fri 07-Jan-11 10:04:10

A gallon of milk in 10 seconds

HaveAHappyNewJung Fri 07-Jan-11 10:06:30

PMSL too true - the other day DS (16m) was BFing and ended up upside down with his bum in my face!

He also tries to use my phone while feeding.

nymphadora Fri 07-Jan-11 10:15:55

Dd3(3 months) likes to sit up astride my right leg

marzipananimal Fri 07-Jan-11 11:57:26

ds (4 months) is so obsessed with sucking his fingers at the mo that he tries to do it while feeding. Not good with scratchy nails!

MummyBerryJuice Fri 07-Jan-11 15:13:50

Mine was also obsessed with the finger sucking at that age. Impossible really as I felt like he wasn't getting any milk. Obviously he was as he was pooing for Britain grin

Cosmosis Fri 07-Jan-11 15:49:07

my 4mnth old also likes his fingers in mouth at same time! also likes pulling his head back and twisting it. ow.

LeninGrad Fri 07-Jan-11 15:53:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MummyBerryJuice Fri 07-Jan-11 16:09:27

Ouch! Are you sitting up at the time, Lenin? DS is going through a phase of needing both boobs out at a time so that he can latch on, suck, pull, jiggle and swop!

LeninGrad Fri 07-Jan-11 16:12:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EauRouge Fri 07-Jan-11 16:20:59

DD used to stand on one leg whilst feeding but now she just fidgets a lot. I've been trying to teach her some nursing manners but it doesn't seem to be working, I know she listens though because when she was pretending to BF her teddy the other day she was saying quite sternly, 'sit still, teddy!' grin

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