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Please tell me the doctor was wrong?

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HaveAHappyNewJung Thu 06-Jan-11 11:08:35

Went to the walk in clinic today and got prescribed antibiotics, so I asked if they were ok as I'm BFing.

GP asked how old my DS is and I told him (16m) and surprise surprise I was told "you can wean him off now" hmm

I have a really sore throat so wasn't able to quote the WHO guidelines (and the fact that I'm a BFing peer supporter), I just did a hmm face and changed the subject. What do they expect women to say, "oh thanks doctor I thought I had to BF til they're at uni"? confused

Anyway I mentioned that I've been getting a lot of bad throats lately and GP said I must be very run down - the implication being it was the BFing that is making me unwell...

Now I'm the first to admit I AM run down - not getting enough sleep and stressed due to DH being off work, money worries etc.

And I am meaning to cut down the BFing (would appreciate any tips please!) as since a bout of chest infections I've been back to BFing almost on demand... But I don't have to stop altogether do I?!?

belgo Thu 06-Jan-11 11:11:35

No of course you don't have to stop bfing. Many antibiotics are compatible with bfing, and your GP should know to prescribe one that you can take. You can look up the Kellymom website to see what you can take.

It is so annoying that bfing gets the blame for everything - it's so lazy of the doctor not to consider the fact that you just might be stressed about something else. And typical that he has managed to cause you more stress by not doing his job properly in the first place.

belgo Thu 06-Jan-11 11:12:12

Which antibiotic is it?

EauRouge Thu 06-Jan-11 11:14:29

Of course you don't have to stop! I would think the lack of sleep and stress would be having more of an effect on your health- you've been BF for 16 months with no problems so why would it suddenly be making you ill? Ignore the GP. Just make sure you eat a healthy diet and get as much sleep as you can, have you tried lavender oil to help you sleep? Works a treat with me.

HaveAHappyNewJung Thu 06-Jan-11 12:10:55

Oh I'm only not sleeping because of DS waking up - highly doubt it'd be better if we gave him bottles though. Tried a dummy but no luck there.

It's amoxicillin (I've had penicillin on previous bouts) and it's fine, what bugged me was that he felt the need to comment despite the fact DS wasn't even there!

mooer Thu 06-Jan-11 12:26:14

He shouldn't have commented - it's his job to praise you for sticking with it. Not of his business either way. Well done mumma!

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