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Regurtitation - what's an acceptable amount?

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mycousinrachel Thu 06-Jan-11 09:25:20

My ds is a sicky baby. I suspect reflux and we're working our way through medical options, starting with infacol, then gaviscon. But my dh and I argue about what level of sick is normal for babies. I think he regurgitates too much. DH thinks he has good days/bad days etc. What's normal/acceptable? DS is gaining weight and does feed, although I've now accepted that however well winded and careful and calm I am, he will sick either then or half an hour later. Thank god we got a new washing machine!

Serendippy Thu 06-Jan-11 09:55:31

If he is gaining weight, he is ingesting enough milk. It can be alarming when babies are sick as it looks like loads coming out of their tiny bodies, but some babies are just sicky. If you are worried, ask your GP or HV, they never mind when it comes to the health of a baby! My DD was sicky for a couple of months and I can't really remember when it stopped by I certainly used the washing machine less!

lalalonglegs Thu 06-Jan-11 10:03:16

If it's reflux, he won't just be regurgitating. Look out for frequent bouts of hiccups, distress when you lie him down, trying to stretch his head back and arch his back (it makes breastfeeding very difficult if you are bf'ing), frequent sudden and unexplained bursts of irritation (completely happy one moment, screaming head off next with no in-between stage), difficulty winding him, hoarseness from throat being burnt by stomach acid, constantly wanting to feed.

My son had reflux but didn't vomit at all, my two daughters had it and vomited the whole time so it's not simply about being a sicky baby. Hope it isn't reflux - in the meantime, buy in industrial quantities of muslins. Good luck.

Ozziegirly Thu 06-Jan-11 10:24:39

I also have a sicky baby who is sick around 20 times a day - mainly just a dribble of milk, sometimes more.

I have asked a few medical people if I should worry but they say as long as he is gaining weight and seems happy then it's fine.

He isn't sick like we would be, it's almost like he stores it up in his cheeks and dribbles it out, he hardly seems to even notice it. He's 4 months and I can't see any improvement yet.

mycousinrachel Thu 06-Jan-11 10:38:10

Thanks all

Lalalonglegs - sadly, I think he does have reflux. I've done research, he fits a lot of the classic symptoms - but what's difficult is that he can have several days when he's good as gold - sleeps really well etc. Then bang! A day when he's obviously in discomfort and pain. He does sleep in the moses basket on his back, although I do put him on his side, but his sleep is really fitful at night. Do you find this?

What meds did your dc need? I think we'll start him on Gaviscon and see what results we get. Hopefully it's only a mild case

lalalonglegs Thu 06-Jan-11 10:46:46

I found it was impossible to get my children to nap in their cot until they were several months old - they'd only nap on my chest, shoulder, in a sling or pushchair but the night times were a lot better. I read somewhere that breastfed babies often don't seem to suffer as much at night so I don't know if this was a factor.

Sorry that he does have the symptoms - it's a horrible condition for him and you. Mine did magically grow out of it at about 7 months but it was very uphill until then. Good luck.

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