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I think we've had a breakthrough...

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TiredofYorks Tue 04-Jan-11 20:07:37

I posted a week or so ago about DD not sleeping and struggling to decide whether to give a top up bottle.

Well we went away just after xmas and while we were away we worked out when she was overtired and needed sleep rather than food, so at the weekend, we decided that we'd capture her tired time and get her to bed earlier (she'd previously been going to bed about 9pm and feeding every couple of hours after that). I bathed her and fed her and put her to bed, and she was asleep by 8.15pm with just a little gentle sushing. The first night she had a bottle at 10.30 and that saw her through until 1.30am, which I though was great but the following 2 nights she has woken at 9pm and with gentle sushing again, she went off to sleep without a feed and last night didn't wake until 2am.

We've moved it forward, quite by chance really, and tonight she was asleep in her basket by 7.30pm, just 10 mins after I'd finished feeding her and she'd been put down.

I'm so thrilled that she's going to bed for a reasonable time and I'm not having to give her the top up bottle.

Thanks for reading (if you bothered I know I'm waffling a bit) and thanks for those that encouraged me to give it a try.

Over-tiredness was definitely the root of our problems I think.

CharlotteACavatica Tue 04-Jan-11 20:43:31

grin its great to get some routine in place isnt it, i had this exact same experience when dd2 was younger (shes only 11 months now) and i realised how much confusion and stress was caused by her being over-tired, but not until we'd had many bed-time battles lol! Glad your getting abit more sleep smile life's easier to handle when you've had some isnt it! xx

JiltedJohnsJulie Tue 04-Jan-11 21:11:23

Tired, glad you're not so tired grin

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