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Does anyone know anything about pernicious aneamia and BFing?

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girlafraid Tue 04-Jan-11 12:53:34

I have been diagnosed with pernicious anaemia (this is caused by a lack of B12) and am beginning treatment, it has made me quite poorly

DC2 ia due shortly and I was hoping to BF, at least for a while - I was not very succesful last time and managed 10 days

There is very little information about pernicious anaemia and BFing as most people seem surprised I have it and am pregnant! My consultant obviously did not wish to put me off BFing but expressed concerns for my health and babies health - she is going to look into it for me
My closest friend is a BF counsellor and she feels it will be fine but I suspect she also doesn't want to put me off

It's a long shot but has anyone ever come across this before or does anyone know anyone who has done it? I am not anti formula and if that is the best thing then so be it - but would love to BF for even a few days if possible

clairelou87 Tue 04-Jan-11 19:57:38

hi hun
i am the opposite to you, i have low b12 low folote and folic acid but no anemia
doctor say its really wierd
best bet for you is to ask your dr to send you to a specialist to explain in more detail for you
i am waiting for my apt
i knw how down and tired you get
hope you start to feel better soon

TruthSweet Tue 04-Jan-11 21:12:27

I had B12 anemia whilst pg with DD3. I was started on tablets but they didn't raise my B12 levels so had a course of injections which helped. DD3 is now 14m and I haven't had any more problems (or injections) and no one ever said anything about not bfing (I was tandem nursing during DD3's pg anyway so the Dr/MW knew I would be bfing the baby).

If you continue to have the B12 injections and have the blood test to ensure you keep your levels up I'm sure bfing would be fine.

Have you got permanent pernicous anemia or is it just for the pg i.e. have they told you that you will have injections for life or that you need to eat B12 rich foods and have the injections for a boost for now? Pernicous anemia is an auto-immune disorder (your immune system attacks the factor that extracts B12 from your food so no matter how much B12 you eat you don't absorb any) but you can have B12 anemia without having p.anemia IYSWIM.

Try and rest up and not to keep doing the things that tire you out (if poss. not easy with being pg and having an older child!).

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