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asparagus = milk bonanza!

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milkjetmum Tue 04-Jan-11 08:17:56

Hello - has anyone else noticed that eating asparagus dramatically increases their milk production? Or is it just me blush

DD is 12 wks and ebf, I wear breastshells in the morning while I am getting us ready for the first feed (waste not want not...), and after a tasty asparagus dinner last night from DH collected 3oz in shells worn for less than 10 mins this morning! Would have been more if I hadn't bent over and spilled some too!

I noticed this last week too and joked with DH about it, but had thought it was just a coincidence - now I will definitely keep asparagus on the menu!

Thought I'd share this for anyone else expressing or worried about milk production.

Anyone else noticed any other foods which get their milk going?

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