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White bit on one nipple

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northlondonchoclover Tue 04-Jan-11 05:03:36

Very sore! Have been BFing for 6.5 weeks. The right nipple is fine however. The left nipple keeps getting very sore, and have had to express to give then nipple a rest about 2 weeks ago. Now its sore again! Ouch... Any advice out there?

mamaloco Tue 04-Jan-11 05:35:05

I had a "milk blister" it is like a little bubble of milk underneath the skin (very very painful), it just grew bigger until it bursted.
Keep baby sucking, make sure the duck leading to it is not blocked (massages, hot and cold compresses, yogurt compress...)
I had to express when baby refused the breast but otherwise the baby sucking is more effective.
I am not sure that a nipple shield is good or not for that case, but it did help me to deal with the pain when it was unbearable

northlondonchoclover Tue 04-Jan-11 06:07:01

Hi mama - hot compress helped. How do you do a yoghurt compress? Also should I try to prick it with a needle?

mamaloco Tue 04-Jan-11 06:14:05

I wouldn't prick it <shudder> (risk of infection....)
Just put plain live yogurt on a piece of muslin about a table spoon and put in your bra. leave for 20 min outside the fridge first so it is not too cold. renew as you want

northlondonchoclover Tue 04-Jan-11 06:15:40

Ok will try that -thanks for the tip

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