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Advice please - don't want to mess up supply

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MHill Mon 03-Jan-11 12:31:43

I am hoping all you experts out there can give me a bit of advice.....
I am EBF my 4 month old DD2 and would like to carry on to 9 months as I did with my older child. I have the opportunity to go back to work one/two days a week having been 'off' for the past couple of years with my older child. This would mean leaving my little ones with their granny which is no problem. However, I am worried that if I am not feeding DD2 during the day for 2 days this would cause a problem with my supply on the other days. Although i think I would be able to express enough while at work to ease discomfort, I don't think the environment is such that I could take the time to express as much as she would get out if she were feeding IYSWIM. Do you think this would cause a problem for the other days?
Thanks in advance for your help.

clumsymumluckybaby Mon 03-Jan-11 14:23:55

i think you would need to express as much as possible at the times she would normally feed.

it really differs person to person with supply,but i think as long as you were expressing something it would be okay.

sorry,not the best advice,but at least im bumping for you!

im sure someone more expert will be along soon smile

MHill Mon 03-Jan-11 18:18:33

Thanks clumseymum, I was worried that might be the case. don't want to risk messing it all up!

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