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CONSTANT sucking at night, considering stopping bfing

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ExistentialistCat Sun 02-Jan-11 08:02:31

Until about a week ago, I could bf DD2 (15 weeks) to sleep in her bedside cot and creep away. She'd usually have about 2 feeds in the night and go back to sleep fairly easily after each one.

Now it's all gone to pot. She's had a cough but that's getting better, so I fear that what was initially comfort-seeking has turned into a habit. She sucks on em constantly. It's not for milk as far as I can tell and it's impossible for me to get any rest, as she clamps down on my nipple and pulls it about, and scratches and bats at me. She won't settle in her cot at all anymore but will sleep for short stretches between DH and me in our bed.

She won't take a dummy. Sh-ing, patting, rocking - she's supremely unimpressed. DH was previously able to soothe her - no more, she wants a nipple in her mouth.

I cannot go on. I have no reserves left. I want to meet my baby's needs but I'm soon not going to be any use to anyone anymore (including 18 month-old DD1). I'm considering doing something drastic like stopping bfing altogether - it would be such a shame as it's geneally going well but I cannot cope with this anymore. Please help.

ExistentialistCat Sun 02-Jan-11 08:07:53

Oh, and I've tried the Pantley Pull Off. It sort of works after 12 million attempts but then she wants to suck again after 20 minutes...

noraa Sun 02-Jan-11 08:12:03

is she teething?

MoonUnitAlpha Sun 02-Jan-11 08:15:14

4 month sleep regression a little early maybe?

What kind of dummies have you tried? Maybe you need to persist with a different type.

If it comes down to giving up breastfeeding, maybe it's worth considering giving a bottle of formula/ebm at 10-11pm. I did this and liked knowing that ds had a full tummy, so didn't feel bad about not feeding him for 3-4 hours!

Also had a couple of nights where I slept on the sofa and DP slept with the baby - ds slept loads better because I wasn't there hmm Or maybe DP just ignored him more...

Cosmosis Sun 02-Jan-11 17:58:01

How long's it been going on? I had a week of this and then it just stopped.

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