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Leaks at night, any advice?

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HermyaTheRedNosedReindeer Thu 30-Dec-10 20:52:17


My breasts seem to have a mind of their own at night at the moment and I've been waking up very wet due to leaks and soaked through breastpads.

Does anyone have any advice on what I can do to stem the tide so to speak?

JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 30-Dec-10 21:00:03

Don't know about stemming the flow Hermya, but I had this problem just after having DC1 and used to put a folded towel under the spot where I lay.

How old is your LO?

bloomingnora Thu 30-Dec-10 21:07:42

Towel under you, change breast pads whenever you get woken by baby (or try washable ones under disposable ones) and trust that it will settle down! Horrid in the winter though, waking up in pools of cold milk. It will pass - excellent that you have such abundant milk!

mand26 Thu 30-Dec-10 21:21:32

I agree....double up breast pads and sleep on a towel. I had real trouble but it does pass.x

RufflesKerfluffles Thu 30-Dec-10 21:27:35

When it was at its worst, I kept a second towel by the bed so I could switch the one I was lying on part way through the night. And it really does stop eventually!

coldcomfortHeart Thu 30-Dec-10 21:48:20

Yes it does stop, grim though, this used to happen to me, would wake up sodden! I doubled up breastpads, changed them if I woke to feed, and slept on a towel. Next time I'm going to get a washable pad thing (called hippychick or some such) which has a waterproof backing, and is just a bit less bulky than a towel. Although a towel does the same thing really!

HermyaTheRedNosedReindeer Thu 30-Dec-10 21:51:17

Thanks for this.

This sounds like a really dumb question but if I double up on breastpads do I just put them side by side or back to back?

bloomingnora Thu 30-Dec-10 22:01:22

Stack 'em up!

bloomingnora Thu 30-Dec-10 22:03:37

Definitely recommend a washable on the inner layer as the milk can go through it to a disposable and then it should hopefully stop at the waterproof layer of the disposable. Makes your breasts look an incredibly funny shape but your dignity will have gone out the window with the birth anyway...

comixminx Thu 30-Dec-10 22:05:58

I've taken to folding a muslin and sticking that in a bra or pj top - easy, if not 100% foolproof...

Fernie3 Thu 30-Dec-10 22:14:32

I slept on a towel. I cant stand wearing bras to bed ( normally just wear bottoms) so I decided it wasn't worth the worry and just put a towel on the bed.I think it stopped at about 8 weeks.

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