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Breast feeding foods to advoid ?

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goingroundthebend4 Thu 30-Dec-10 08:09:54

Need some help please having family get together and my stepsister is Bf,my mum then went on to say well you need to advoid certain foods don't you.

I said no then went erm hang in I don't know since my 4dc were bottle fed and as I was on bloodthinners that was a definte do not take and Bf

can anyone please clarify for me ..Want to make sure there's plenty she can eat

Horopu Thu 30-Dec-10 08:17:08

Well I couldn't eat grapefruit when I bf as my kids all threw up every time. I have heard of people whose babies wee turned pink after the mums had had beetroot. But other than that nothing. I'd ask your step sister if there is anything particular for her.
TBH cake was a main food group for me when breast feeding so make sure you've got plenty of that and everything should be fine.
You sound very thoughtful.

EauRudolph Thu 30-Dec-10 08:27:49

There aren't any foods that you can't eat while BF. If your stepsister's DC has any food intolerance or allergy then there might be certain foods she avoids because it upsets them but it's fairly rare and most women find they can eat whatever they like. I was told to avoid garlic and spicy food but I think it's an old wives' tale.

There's some info here- that you might find useful.

JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 30-Dec-10 08:29:08

Nothing to avoid at all when you are bfing. Like Horopa says, you may want to check with her first. My DC1 just couldn't do caffiene, everything else I've ever had has been fine.

Enjoy your get together smile

goingroundthebend4 Thu 30-Dec-10 08:30:05


she is a vedgie to but that bit is easy to cater for.First time they have all been to mine and want to do as much as I can to make things go well.

As for cake there will be plenty of that I have 4dc two of them being teens so cake is a staple

So if there was things like soft cheese ,homemade Mayo that be ok .I know what to advoid when pregnant but not after

AliBellandthe40jingles Thu 30-Dec-10 08:32:14

There are no foods to avoid. It is a myth perpetrated to make BFing seem awkward and like a huge sacrifice.

I found that DS got really windy if I ate spinach though, so as a rule I tried to avoid that although if it was part of a dish that was served at someone else's house then I would have eaten it without hesitation because the effects were very minor and short lived.

Just ask your sister if there is anything like that, but there is nothing in general that needs to be avoided.

JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 30-Dec-10 08:32:40

Soft cheese, homemade mayo etc all fine smile

Oblomov Thu 30-Dec-10 08:39:09

Never avoided any food myself. Unless its a particular food that clearly makes baby windy, i.e cabbage or so, or soemthing that either mum or baby is genuinely allergic to, I think its a bit ott that just backs up the silly idea of bf'ing being more difficult.
You sound lovely. Do yourself a favour, phone her direct and put this nonsense to bed.

goingroundthebend4 Thu 30-Dec-10 08:45:25

Thank you fir your help

I would phone her but she then get upset as she would feel I'm putting myself out for her she already apologised for being a vedgie,when noone else is at the get. Together told me oh I'll be fine with bread and cheese don't put yourself out .I'm ignoring her lol

Will be nothing with nuts as my other stepsister is allergic to them as is dd and ds2 is coealic so IRS not like I'm not used to catering differnt diets

But laughing at myself because first thing thought of was ask on MN

Oblomov Thu 30-Dec-10 08:52:45

That happens to me all the time.
Dh says: how do you cook gammon in apricots ? ask one of your nice MN lot .
Do I need a CBR check for this job interview ? ask one of your nice MN lot, he says.

Gets sadder and sadder, I tell you.

MN is like google wink

tiktok Thu 30-Dec-10 10:20:31

goingroundthebend4 - just some info in case you have a number 5 : anticoagulant medication is not usually a 'do not take and breastfeed'. It may be you were on unusual types, of course, but normally, these drugs are not a problem.

thatsabloodybigtree Thu 30-Dec-10 13:02:30

You are very thoughtful.

In my experience, the only food I tend to avoid is very spicey food, as it doesn't agree with my little one. Every baby is different though so may not be a problem.

Have a lovely evening!

Rosa Thu 30-Dec-10 13:05:41

With dd1 onions poor thing was windy for days after a soup. Then whenever I had a few more in cooking she was not happy.
With dd2 peas and eggs !!!

dessen Thu 30-Dec-10 13:09:38

How thoughtful of you to check for your stepsister. Usually you can eat anything when bf but sometimes there is a reaction. I'd ask her if there's anything she'd like to avoid.

peppapighastakenovermylife Thu 30-Dec-10 13:15:21

MN is better than google - google will never tell you if you are being unreasonable or not wink

JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 30-Dec-10 15:55:08

Yes, but do you really take notice of the bunch of nutters on here peppa? Me included grin

peppapighastakenovermylife Thu 30-Dec-10 16:22:01

No but it makes me giggle grin

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