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Sleeping while on Neocate

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sachah Thu 30-Dec-10 03:34:42

My son (6mths old but 5 weeks prem) started neocate on Thursday & ever since then he hasnt been sleeping well during the day. He goes to sleep for 40min-1.30hrs then wakes up. He is getting really tired & unhappy. He is still sleeping well at night (10-12 hrs). Has anyone else had a baby on neocate & their sleeping pattern changed? I'm wondering if it isnt as filling as normal formula.
Thanks bear

Pancakeflipper Thu 30-Dec-10 05:01:23

Hi - I cannot help really as my child was 1yr 8 months when he started on Neocate so also had solids to keep him going. But didn't want you ignored.

I think it could be a few things.. His system getting used to Neocate. Or his digestive system repairing if it's been irritated by dairy. Or it could be not as filling - well it doesn't look to be of substance does it?

But he's sleeping well through the night so it could be him adjusting his day sleeping pattern. Oh if only they could talk. But if he was distressed it would be an issue at night I think.

I would have a chat with the consultant or dietician on this.

When are you thinking of introducing food? There's been some previous posts on the site about allergies and what foods to serve that might be worth a nosey at in future months.

Hope he's ok.

addictedtofrazzles Thu 30-Dec-10 12:46:27

My DS (6 months) is on Neocate. I agree that it may be his digestive system getting used to the change - I think I saw a change in DS's symptoms in about 10 days when we switched to Neocate at 3 weeks old. However, DS has started really struggling with daytime sleep and I think it is because he needs solids - it may be worth staring him on them.

cardamomginger Thu 30-Dec-10 13:14:22

DD switched from nutramigen to neocate at 7 weeks - she is now 13 weeks. the neocate seems to fill her up ok - not noticing that i am giving her in excess of the daily amount i would expect her to have. she's certainly growing ok. she's not sleeping very much during the day either - didn't think anything of it, tbh. she usually sleeps well at night and since 10 weeks usually goes through from 11.30 - 7.30 ish.

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