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Any single mums with weaning tips?

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aliceemma Mon 27-Dec-10 16:23:58

Really want to wean my almost 1 year old - never really planned to be bfeeding this long and am exhausted but little un not so keen. Unfortunately she won't take a bottle from me. Any tips from any other single mums out there without a daddy around to provide distraction / bottle feeds?

organiccarrotcake Mon 27-Dec-10 17:54:23

alice have you tried moving straight to a cup? Are you tired because of night feeds?

aliceemma Mon 27-Dec-10 19:44:36

She will take a cup from me but only for smallish swigs - which is fine for mid-morning / afternoon snack but no good for bed-time / morning. She does feed at night but not that much. Just find the feeding draining.

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