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urgent advice please?!

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madcatsazz Sun 26-Dec-10 23:17:38

Hi all - DD2 is 7mths old and on 3 meals a day, with breast feed morning, before lunch, afternoon and 8oz ff before bed. She took 8oz about 6.30pm last night then had a bloody awful unsettled night which we put down to being away from familiar environment (at my parents) so we left about 1am, came home and she took 3oz then went to sleep until 7am. She refused the breast this morning and has continued to refuse all fluids all day - breast and bottle. Persistence and probably sheer hunger on her part means she has taken about 5 ozs in two parts since then. She ate her breakfast, lunch and tea so I know she has had some fluid intake. The trouble is she's now up and has been up and down all evening, I believe due to hunger and possibly mouth pain. It seems like pain because she cries severely when she tries to feed. I tried cup feeding but it just runs down her chin and she hasn't got a clue what to do with a straw. I've been waiting 5 hours for ring back from out of hours doctors and don't know what else to do.,,,,

nannyro Sun 26-Dec-10 23:19:52

give her some calpol

Scootergrrrl Sun 26-Dec-10 23:20:26

Has she had any Calpol or anything? Could be an ear infection or something similar. Poor little thing and poor you. It's horrid when they're like this.

madcatsazz Sun 26-Dec-10 23:29:21

she won't take the calpol - she screams if you go near her with it

harverina Sun 26-Dec-10 23:31:30

What kind of pain do you think that she is in? Teeth? Ear? Tummy?
Personally I would check her temp then give calpol or similar infant pain relief.

Scootergrrrl Sun 26-Dec-10 23:31:38

Can you put some in a syringe and put it slowly into her cheek? Whats your feeling about this? Hungry and overtired or something more.

madcatsazz Mon 27-Dec-10 01:26:34

ok, so I bet you've all gone now but I did get some calpol in her with dribbles on a spoon. As for my feelings on this, they're somewhat clouded now and I feel my level headed reasoning has now gone out the window. She is beyond exhausted, snatching half hour sleeps when exhaustion takes over, only to wake up crying again. I have now been waiting 7 hours for out of hours doctors and I don't know what else to do. She's definitely in pain and I believe in the mouth but I can't see any obvious reasons. No blisters etc that I can see. she is beside herself and barely comfortable but I think a lot of that is hunger and tiredness. She's now so tired that she won't take solids either.

PenguinArmy Mon 27-Dec-10 01:38:47

sounds like she's so worked up, she can't think clearly anymore.

have you tried a frozen toy or flannel, teething gell?

Just taking her out getting her sleep anyway, then feeding her once she's asleep.

have you given the painkiller enough time to work? what about baby ibrupofen?

browneyesblue Mon 27-Dec-10 01:39:20

DS had a similar period at 7/8 months - it was horrible, so I feel your pain!

He didn't have a fever, and it was really difficult to get him to take any Calpol, but it did seem like his mouth was sore. In the end I stripped him off to his nappy, and it seemed to calm him a little. I spent the next few hours doing lots of skin to skin, and had a bath with him which relaxed him a bit (and me), and he just started bf again.

I never did find out what was wrong. No tooth appeared, no obvious illness presented itself. It lasted a day or 2, then back to normal.

Wouldn't it be great if they could just tell us what the problem is...

browneyesblue Mon 27-Dec-10 01:42:45

Or, depending on what the weather is like, you could try taking her out in her pram or in the car to get her to sleep - it might break the cycle. If she does drop off, would she latch on in her sleep?

madcatsazz Mon 27-Dec-10 01:45:43

she does drop off to sleep but wakes 40 minutes later crying her heart out. she is beside herself with tiredness. She took the calpol nearly two hours ago - made no difference. We take her out the cot and cuddle her and walk with her and pace with her (all things we don't normally do) and she calms down then just bursts into sobs again. I just wish I could speak to a bloody doctor. Over 7 hours!

madcatsazz Mon 27-Dec-10 01:46:38

I am honestly beside myself with worry now. She won't even take anything in her mouth at all now but I don't know if the 'pain' is worse or she's just so tired she doesn't know what to do with herself.

madcatsazz Mon 27-Dec-10 01:47:15

me and dp are getting waspy with each other now as well. Argh, this is going to be a long night.

madcatsazz Mon 27-Dec-10 01:48:11

tried sleep feeding too but she just screams as soon as you go near her with breast or bottle

canyou Mon 27-Dec-10 01:51:44

Are you still waiting on Dr to ring you? Ring A&E ask their advice if you need to they might give a quick ans re going into them or treatment.
Hope she feels better soon

Dansmommy Mon 27-Dec-10 01:58:17

NHS direct?

Have you tried giving water on a spoon? Even a small amount of fluid is worth trying with. Does she have a temp? Is she teething?

Dansmommy Mon 27-Dec-10 02:01:10

Also, browneyesblue speaks sense. Dont under estimate the power of skin to skin.

One other thing...I know she's little, so don't flame me....but have you got any icecream? Might soothe either gums or throat, whatever's troubling her.

browneyesblue Mon 27-Dec-10 02:01:41

Is there an A&E near you? I'm sure she probably is just overtired, but maybe it would give you peace of mind just to have her checked over. As someone suggested before, perhaps she has an ear infection or something.

If skin to skin doesn't help, do you have a carrier? It would at least give you your hands free while pacing.

Very easy to say try to stay calm and not snap at each other, but tiredness and a crying baby is very stressful. At least take it in turns to have a little break - she'll be in great hands with either one of you, I'm sure.

tinselistooaddictive Mon 27-Dec-10 04:57:27

Ring doctor now, you shouldn't have to wait that long for a callback.

theboobmeister Mon 27-Dec-10 10:57:05

It shouts earache to me too, there is loads of it about at the moment (my DD and me had it this week). It can be excrutiatingly painful and also tends to radiate to your neck, jaw, etc, which might explain why she doesn't want anything near her mouth. Poor little thing.

Hope you can get help soon, OP. I would try to get Calpol into her by hook or by crook ...

phoebebouffet Fri 31-Dec-10 00:14:15

i was just wondering how you and your little one are, did the docs ever ring back?

ilovenewpyjamas Sat 01-Jan-11 13:35:45

we could only get calpol (and antibiotics) into her by giving her fave yoghurt on spoon. Then, putting discreetly, medicine on half of spoon with yoghurt. I didn't mix them as I'm not sure they can be mixed up but we certainly checked about 'sharing spoon' and pharmacist gave thumbe up.

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