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Do your nipples ever go back to before?

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Mammie81 Fri 24-Dec-10 16:03:07

Ive been BFing for 3 weeks now, luckily had no pain or cracks, but my nipples are now very pointy! They are also darker and somehow tougher too!

They go back, right? Its not going to stop me BFing, I just wonder!

Lynzjam Fri 24-Dec-10 18:26:57

Hmmm was wondering this myself. They used to be totally flat unless I was cold or getting into a hot bath! Will watch this thread....

Jojay Fri 24-Dec-10 18:36:48

Mine went back to normal after feeding both kids.

Boobs never did though. I used to be 32E, now I'm lucky to fill a B cup sad grin

littlenuttree Fri 24-Dec-10 18:39:17

Mine were totally flat (initially had some problems latching DD on because of it) but after BF for 13mths, they've never gone back in again, they didn't stay dark though - thank goodness! White t-shirts were out for me during my last and current pregnancies! blush

PrettyCandlesAndTinselToo Fri 24-Dec-10 20:31:12

IME they go back, but not all the way.

I had flat nipples, but when (ahem) excited they poked up a tiny bit. After bfing my first dc they were permanently slightly pointy and got a bit bigger when (ahem). In other words I finally had something to be embarrassed about in a wet T-shirt.

I've bfd three dc, and I think my nipples have always reverted to their post-dc1 state.

JackSawMamaKissingSantaClaus Fri 24-Dec-10 20:39:20

They do but the overall shape of your breast might not

MumNWLondon Sat 25-Dec-10 21:13:57

Mine have gone back to the way they were before. I stopped feeding around a month ago.

Breasts are still a bit bigger than before, but I am still on diet and still have a stone to go.... I am sure they will shrink back (was 34B, currently 34C, was 36DD when feeding) this is 3rd DC, have gone back to 34B each time but more saggy sad

lal123 Sat 25-Dec-10 21:16:31

my nips have never gone back to how they were - constantly erect for 7 years now...

SmokinSanta Sat 25-Dec-10 21:24:14

I have had 2 kids, and mine are now more or less back to normal (after feeding DS2 for nearly a year)

Still a 36FF too. (went up to 40H)

Nipples a little more sensitive to cold - but think thats more that I now wear fitted freya bras instead of illfitting t-shirt padded things.

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