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Getting the balance right when milk comes in

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nutcrackerneepsntinseltatties Fri 24-Dec-10 06:51:10

I had a horrible time bf ds1. Took three months before I was pain free. One of the problems I has was that the night my milk came in ds was on my boob for hours. The next day I was sore and had cracks which then got infected leading to weeks of crying through feeds. I did get through it and feed for 2 years and 2 months and it was worth it but I also got quite depressed at the start and am scared of going through the pain again.

I am wondering if the baby wants to feed all the time if it is ok to take them off the breast for a bit and try and sooth in other ways. I did end up using a dummy for a few weeks with ds as he just wanted boob 24/7 and I couldn't cope. I just want to avoid the problems I had last time.

rubyslippers Fri 24-Dec-10 07:26:32

If you got cracks then the latch was maybe wrong

You can get sore in the early days just from all the feeding

What about lansinoh?

Also, no reason that this time around will be the same

Not sure about dummies ... DD would never take one - not sure if it will interfere with supply early on

nutcrackerneepsntinseltatties Fri 24-Dec-10 08:00:59

Could be but everyone who came out to see me feed (HV, midwives, breast feeding counsellor) said the latch was fine and I don't remember changing it at any point, the cracks healed and I got better. Will certainly be stocking up on lansinoh this time!

xMrsSx Fri 24-Dec-10 09:11:10

If you do get cracks I have heard lots of women raving about jelnet? I think it is a gauze dressing designed to keep the wounds wet while they heal. Obviously you want to avoid getting cracks in the first place though but thought I'd mention it.

littlehedgehog Fri 24-Dec-10 10:30:44

Your second might not want the boob 24/7 and I found that may nipples was never the same anyway, so never any soreness 2nd and 3rd time round - used lansinoh maybe twice. Here's hoping for you.

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