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small, frequent feeds vs shorter, bigger feeds

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ginandtonic1 Thu 23-Dec-10 22:38:19

Hi, my 12 week old and at the moment is currently eating only 2-3fl oz at a time, so seems to be eating all the time, rather than having 5-6 fl-oz each time. Are there any tips to get her to eat more, or do i not need to worry about it? She'll sleep from 12.30-4.30 then i'll breast feed her, she'll then sleep until 6ish.
She's happy and a good weight, i combine breast feeding and Aptamil.

Wonder if i'm worrying about nothing....thanks

TruthSweet Fri 24-Dec-10 10:58:37

Bf babies tend to take smaller amounts of milk (whether it is bm/ebm/fm) more frequently than exc.ff babies.

A exc. bf baby would normally take between 19-30oz of bm a day between 1m/o - 6m/o (with each baby roughly taking the same amount each day whether it is 20oz or 28oz) with an average of 25oz atleast 6+ feeds a day.

Compare this to a exc.ff baby who would be expected to take 25oz in 5 feeds at 4weeks going up to 35oz in 5 feeds at 6 m/o.

So in short, your baby knows how much milk she wants as she is used to the relatively small volumes of milk she might get bfing. Trust her to take what she needs and feed her when she wants (whether it be it breast or bottle).

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