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Is this the 3 month growth spurt?

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stickersarecurrency Tue 21-Dec-10 22:50:56

13 weeks and was getting herself into a nice routine of feeding all evening then falling into a deep sleep around half 9. Last night she fed and cried and had horrid green manky windy nappies until nearly 3am. Thought it was because I'd had 2 strong coffees in the afternoon but no caffeine today. Today she's been fine but same again tonight only less bum action. DS was still screaming all night at this stage so I don't remember noticing anything different!

bumblebod Wed 22-Dec-10 11:07:08

Hey there
If your LO is feeding a lot and generally cranky could be a growth spurt but I don't remember manky nappies being part of the deal (my only DS is now one)... He did have bad nappies if he was a little under the weather, maybe a tummy virus or something that I couldn't specifically diagnose and went away after a few days - nothing doctor worthy. Your LO could be feeding a lot as part of trying to shift a bug. If your LO is really distressed with it then maybe take to docs if you worried :0)
Would maybe stay off the caffeine for a bit though, with some babies it really makes a difference to their mood.

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