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Favourite feeding moments?

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organiccarrotcake Tue 21-Dec-10 22:40:43

Mine I think is when I get undressed to go to bed, after babe is double diapered for bed and in his sleeping bag. He lies on the bed looking at me with an enormous expectant grin and wriggles his whole body in excitement, usually giggling, waiting for me to lie down next to him and let him latch on (we co-sleep and I feed him to sleep).

Any fav times to share (breast or bottle)?

JiltedJohnsJulie Tue 21-Dec-10 22:49:46

Used to love the sheer excitement and then contentment. Think I might actually miss bfing after my long career.

EauRudolph Tue 21-Dec-10 23:01:09

My DD is 2.2 yo and yesterday when I was getting undressed for bed I got a round of applause and she said 'hooray, boobies!' grin

mylifewithmangers Tue 21-Dec-10 23:05:23

My DS (15 months) and I have the same conversation every morning. He starts his feed, then half way through he unlatches and twiddles my nipple and asks 'Dis?' and I say 'That's my Dubba', we repeat several times and he tries to say Dubba ('Baba'), then he latches back on and finishes his feed. Cracks me up every time.

Soon he is going to learn how to say it (invented word BTW, by my DD who is now 3) and we probably won't have the conversation anymore sad

P.S. We have very similar conversations at nappy change time. My answer is 'That's your penis'. grin

gomummygo Tue 21-Dec-10 23:16:47

When DS was just over a year, he would latch on, furiously start to feed, then if DH was in the room, he would unlatch, turn to DH and laugh a short but hearty laugh, and then latch back on and continue his feed as though nothing had happened. It only lasted about a month but we thought it was both hilarious and adorable! grin

FrozenNorthPole Tue 21-Dec-10 23:28:55

I love that baby-bird-style darting movement breastfeeding babies make with their heads when they're enthusiastically anticipating latching on. I love the way they continue 'feeding' in their sleep. I love the way DD2 (10 months) will have a quick guzzle and then - like the OP's DS - pop off to beam and chuckle at anyone else in the room before resuming. Oh, and I love it when DD2 latches onto my stomach or back in a display of misplaced optimism.
I also love it when DD1 comes running towards me with the breastpump attachment requesting "little bit milk mummy, little bit milk?". And then she bottoms a glass of EBM like an undergrad in a drinking competition, usually followed by a loud burp. Brilliant to watch.

blinder Tue 21-Dec-10 23:53:22

Can't type much as feeding now but I love this thread

Porcelain Wed 22-Dec-10 09:11:55

Yesterday ds was sleeping while feeding and snoring really loud.
He also does bedtime excitement, to the point that he's so full of beans he won't latch on, then he settles, opens his mouth while gazing up at me, latches on and closes his eyes.
It's such precious time with them.

blinder Wed 22-Dec-10 09:19:29

My dd has started softly stroking my arm as she feeds. It's like she's comforting me!

elvisgirl Wed 22-Dec-10 10:11:26

DP would bring a freshly bathed DS to me waiting in the bedroom for his before-bed feed. We always dressed him in nightgowns for ease of access if nappy-changing at night & it would seem to me that DP was delivering a little angel to me as he looked just like a tiny cherub, all glowy & docile from the bath with his gown flowing behind him...aaahhh

TruthSweet Wed 22-Dec-10 10:39:56

EauRudolph - I, too, have had my boobs applauded by the DDs.

I've posted this before but hey I still love it!

DD1 & DD2 were tandem fed together when DD2 was little and DD1 used to hold DD2's hands and stroke her v v gently. It was really lovely to watch.

DD2 (when tiny) was crying for a feed and I was stuck on the loo. DD1 lifted her top and tried to latch her on to comfort her (DD1 would have been about 22-24 m/o at the time).

DD3 uh-uhing for a feed (aka milk noise) and DD1 bringing her to me for a feed - 'DD3 needs bah mummy'

DD2 thinking she can con me into giving her more bah by asking for 'over top mummy bah' after I'd fed her by pulling UP my top. Mummy's stupid but not that stupid grin

DD3 latching on for the first time in days since having an NG tube inserted due to bronchiolitis and her ox. stats going up and her heart rate going down. The sense of satisfaction from her was palable.

DD2 being prepped for IV fluids due to severe dehydration/suspected low blood sugar due to weird virus - I got her to have a feed and instead of her usual 10-20 second each side feed she had a massive feed each side like an infant. When the nurse came back and did her blood sugars they were 6 and an IV was not needed! BFing a 3 y/o isn't great fun most of the time but oh boy! is it worth it sometimes smile

Cosmosis Wed 22-Dec-10 10:42:39

When he breaks off in the middle to grin up at you.

marzipananimal Wed 22-Dec-10 11:20:20

If I feed him when he wasn't really expecting it - he spots the nipple, his eyes light up, he opens his mouth wide in a huge grin and lunges for it. So cute!

Nevereatyellowsnow Wed 22-Dec-10 13:12:53

Not really an actual breastfeeding moment but the hv came round to weigh ds when he was 4 weeks old and he'd gained 1 1/2 lb in 10 days. She looked stunned and told me I must have amazing breasts! grin

Hes 14 months old now and giggles with excitement when he sees me unclip my bra, its so cute!

MrsGubbins Wed 22-Dec-10 13:38:17

my 4 week old gets really big eyes and snuffles around looking all excited when I lie her down before a feed, she's learnt what's coming and it's so cute to see

pearlgirl Wed 22-Dec-10 13:59:55

Ds4 (8 months) stands on my knees, bouncing with excitement, pulling out the top of my t-shirt, looks down and shrieks with excitement.
I love that side to side head movement that all of mine have done as they latch on, accompanied by quiet grunts of satisfaction as they start to feed.

babyduesoon Wed 22-Dec-10 14:14:18

Hello - just wanted to say thank you for this lovely thread. Am expecting my first in 3 weeks time, and all I keep hearing about is how difficult BF-ing is/how much it hurts - so it's so lovely to read this. Aww.

shantishanti Wed 22-Dec-10 14:32:12

My DD (18mo) latched off half way through her bedtime feed the other day and blew me a kiss. I'm welling up now just thinking about it!

organiccarrotcake Wed 22-Dec-10 17:39:28

babyduesoon what a shame you're hearing such negative stuff Clearly some people do struggle for lots of reasons but many don't, and if you know where to find help and support you can get through most things. Usually (although not always) it's the lack of good support which makes bfing not work.

A great resource for bfing information and support is Kellymom, and the Analytical Armadillo ( ) is packed with up to date information and research to give you the incentive to keep going.

There's also the NCT helpline on 0300 330 0771 where up until 10pm there's someone there to help and advise you (v highly trained experts).

All the best

ChunkyPickle Wed 22-Dec-10 17:55:28

I always thought that I'd feel it was a duty, but now I'm wondering how I'll ever stop.

The excited kicking, and huge grin as he realises what's coming, then the piglet-like snuffling and head weaving as he tries to locate, followed by his eyes rolling up in pleasure and happy gulps.

Even the accusing look when I've taken longer than he thinks is necessary is so cute.

And the sleepy baby, who's finally had enough pulling his head back to detach then resting is rumpled little chin back on my boob. All red-nosed and milk covered.

awww it's going to be heartbreaking when he stops wanting it!

organiccarrotcake Wed 22-Dec-10 18:08:55

"All red-nosed and milk covered."


Cosmosis Wed 22-Dec-10 18:51:17

babyduesoon it doesn't have to be like that at all. We had a dodgy first 24 hours as he wouldn't feed at all, but once he'd had sone paracetamol (they thought he had a headache fron the ventouse) it was an absolute doddle. Although the mws at hosp (thank you harrogate hosp!) were definitely inatrumental in the ease of it.

Good luck

organiccarrotcake Wed 22-Dec-10 19:12:13

cos I didn't know you'd had a ventouse (how did I miss that?). We were shown one in our NCT class and encouraged to try it out on our own hands. It really was unpleasant. Giving him something for the pain of it was entirely a good thing but I've never heard of it being done (same with forceps). You had a good hossie there, with people who thought through things from the baby's perspective.

EauRudolph Wed 22-Dec-10 19:12:50

babyduesoon, you could go along to a BF group before your baby arrives, lots of women do. I go to a LLL group, it's brilliant- local groups

I'd forgotten about that side-to-side head thing, DD used to do it and make this ah-ah-ah noise that sped up the closer she got so DH and I used to call it boob sonar grin

purplehonesty Wed 22-Dec-10 19:14:41

I gave up feeding a month ago as DS 15mo just stopped wanting it (am v v sad)
I got my first smile at 3am one morning, I was feeding him in a bleary eyed kinda way and he latched off and gave me this huge open mouthed smile and then went back to feeding.
The best one though has to be when he was very poorly at around 6 months and didn't feed for a whole day and night, we were so worried about him and I stayed awake all night watching him sleep, I was terrified he wouldn't wake up. He opened his eyes in the morning, smiled at me and said booooooooob as he lunged at my chest!
Oh how I miss bf

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