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BF 6 month old feed duration?

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Trillian42 Mon 20-Dec-10 21:11:41

DD's feeds have reduced to 3-5 minutes in the last fortnight - is it possible she's got super-efficient? I've been worrying that she hasn't been getting enough but am I worrying over nothing? Her feeds used to be 8 mins for a while & seemed to go directly to shorter feeds.

Earlier she hadn't fed in almost 5 hours and still only fed for 3 minutes! I've been trying to feed her more frequently to make up but maybe she doesn't need it? She's started solids but isn't actually swallowing anything yet so that's not a factor.

Also how frequently do/did your 6 month olds feed?

Thanks bear

GiraffesMum Mon 20-Dec-10 21:14:44

When my DD2 was 6 months she used to feed in 4 mins flat and wouldn't take a 2nd side - she was too afraid she would miss something. As long as she is still happy, plenty Iof wet and dirty nappies, etc I wouldn't worry.

lagrandissima Mon 20-Dec-10 21:16:01

I seem to remember them having feeds aboout every 3 hours (even with small solids being introduced), about 5mns per boob.

Trillian42 Mon 20-Dec-10 22:03:09

Ok, I don't need to get worried so. I was thinking I should get her weighed before Christmas to make sure she's on track (75th centile) but maybe I'll chill out. She's feeding every 4 hours but 2 hourly at night hmm.


PenguinArmy Tue 21-Dec-10 03:30:48

Th only downside I found to this, was when she does occasionally take a longer meal. 7 mins feels like FOREVER grin and I'm waiting impatiently for her to finish.

Catching up in the night is normal and you can look up reverse cycling to try and counter it. Personally I just went with the flow and tried to cluster feed her in the morning and early evening when house (and world) is still quiet. As GiraffesMum said, they're just too curious to feed for a second more than they have to.

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