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Pain and sore but no lumps - any ideas?

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organiccarrotcake Mon 20-Dec-10 20:48:01

DS2 5 1/2 months. Always EBF.

Right breast always been a problem. The nip is a little bit too long for its own good and it makes it harder for the little fella to latch on. It's never as comfortable as the other side. Despite much help from qualified LC it's been "ok" but not pleasant/pleasurable feeding him from the right side. I can't express off it as it gets mangled in the machine.

For the last few days its been sore and tender towards the left side (as I look down on it) and behind the nip. Feeding is sore and uncomfortable. Nip looks ok - feels like the tenderness is in the breast.

I think it's a blocked duct so have been doing breast compressions and massage, heat treatment, etc etc but I can't feel any actual lumps at all. Would it be possible to be a blocked duct without a lump?

Otherwise generally feeling well. Any suggestions gratefully received.

marzipananimal Mon 20-Dec-10 20:57:50

I think if the blockage is not near the surface - perhaps just behind the nipple - it can be hard to feel a lump (I had one a bit like this). Not sure though confused

organiccarrotcake Mon 20-Dec-10 21:01:21

Just reading KM it seems it's rare, but possible. Anyone else experienced this?

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