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4 nights away and bf 18 mth old

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purcellfan Mon 20-Dec-10 13:34:24

Ds is bf and has several feeds per day/night (varies a bit depending on whether I'm at work or not). I'm really happy to have fed him for this long and if he did wean it wouldn't be awful, but I had hoped to let him fed till 2+ should he want to. In January I have to go away for four nights for work. I've left him before for up to 3 nights and he's just picked up feeding again quite happily, but that was at about 9 months so will it be the same at this age? Anyone with similar experiences?

bearhug Mon 20-Dec-10 16:52:14

In my experience this really will not be a problem. I left my DS with his daddy + GPs for 10 days last summer, when he was 18 months. I only hand expressed a little a few times when I got uncomfortable.

Did the same again recently when my DS was 26 months - again, he picked up feeding again quite hapily afterwards, thoug I have my doubts about how much milk is still there now...

purcellfan Mon 20-Dec-10 18:45:43

Wow, that's really encouraging bearhug!

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