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Recent change in nappies for mixed fed baby 11 wks

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sedgiebaby Sun 19-Dec-10 12:19:48

DD is 11 wks and has been mixed fed since 5 wks, top ups have not changed in the last 3 (about 12 oz a day so about 50:50) and finally weight gain is being seen and is very good 19 oz in 20 days she was 10lb 13 on fri. Poos and wees have just changed this week, not runny but pasty/curdy and lots more wee, I think. Until now poos very runny watery and mucusy, up to usually about 4-5 but as many as 7-8 a day, recently lessened dramatically (2 in 24 hours) and lots of wees but not such 'heavy' nappy's or so many. Am on dairy free diet since wk 3 when weight plateaued dropping below birth ant wk 5, and very watery poos seen since wk 2-3. So formula is Neutramagen (sp?). HV has no feedback regarding change.

At risk of sounding oversensitive/defensive, please please do not give me a hard time over mixed feeding. I genuinely have a supply issue and if a BF counsellor (or anyone) tells me to have a baby moon and feed all weekend and stop top ups (had this IRL)and all will be well I will scream, it is not always this simple.

I don't know why but I feel I need to explain the mixed feeing so if you want the background rop...

To explain, dd had TT that was picked up on very late, then bad habits, short tongue/high palette, lazy weak feeder, hospital stay, suspected dairy allergy, dropping from 9th to 75th centile etc etc meant I had no choice her weight became more important than my quest to EBF. No one bottles has bottle fed in my family you can't imagine how it goes against the grain. All of the foregoing has affected my supply, I am under hospital feeding expert, on prescription drugs, herbal teas,fenugreek, blessed thistle, pumping schedule, scheduled BF's. It might be going up (my supply) but I just do not have confidence to cut back top ups as this has back fired before.

I don't want to stop BF until I have reintroduced diary into my diet and observed baby (waiting until she is more robust) and also the formula she is on is particularly foul being diary free so I am persevering with bf still.

sedgiebaby Sun 19-Dec-10 12:22:11

Sorry that does read very defensive but it is a sore subject for me and I've been down about it and can't bear any discouragement.

Also just to be plainer,wees were frequent before but nappies seem heavier (more wee?) it is really the poo changes that I am wondering about, does this sound right?

plantsitter Sun 19-Dec-10 12:26:27

I mix fed DD1 for similar reasons to you and you know what? It worked out really well in the long run as she was really flexible about who fed her and how.

Anyway the poos sound normal to me, but check with gp if you're worried. Does dd seem happy and putting on weight now?

sedgiebaby Sun 19-Dec-10 12:41:51

Yes an ounce a day the last 2-3 wks (phew! it has been such a worry)

THanks for the positive comment I'm trying to look on the bright side on mixed feeding, at the moment though it is a top up at every feed so a bit of a pain, but I'm getting used to it and having everything ready etc (she yells when I'm empty if I don't top up and having seen her genuinely go hungry and look emaciated at one stage I can't hold it back even if I think it is habit or greediness)

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