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Encouraging words, I hope

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LLKH Thu 16-Dec-10 09:03:50

I posted on here 9 days ago when my lovely 3 day old DD and I were struggling to bf. She lost a lot of weight and we ended up in Whittington hospital.

The hospital staff were lovely and helpful but it was still really difficult. We worked out that her problem was swallowing, even though she was sucking fine. Cup feeding got us through but was very hard work. It helped to know that at least she was getting my milk.

On Saturday a kind nurse looked after DD for an hour while DH dragged me out for a nice meal with lots of salads. After that we turned the corner and went home the following morning!

Now DH is typing what I dictate, as DD has not been off the breast for more than five minutes for ages! (or at least that's what it feels like)

Thanks to all who posted encouraging comments.

Woodlands Thu 16-Dec-10 09:11:08

brilliant news! good luck and enjoy it.

EauRudolph Thu 16-Dec-10 10:47:09

That's great news, well done to you all

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