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Breastfed baby is now refusing bottle. Any tips?

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Bluepig Wed 15-Dec-10 12:54:30

Hi, I breastfeed my 3 month old and from around 4-8 weeks we would periodically give her ebm from a bottle, which she took without issue. However, now she refuses to drink from the bottle. Help! Anyone have any tips for getting her to take the bottle, or suggestions for other things to try such as cups? I intend to carry on breastfeeding for as long as I can but just need her to drink from a bottle so that I can leave her for longer than 3 hours. Thanks,

bubblebev Wed 15-Dec-10 22:03:51

Have you tried using a different teat? It is maybe just that it is so different from the breast, You can buy bottles and teats that are more breast shaped. Also having the bottle slighty warmed. These are probably things you have tried but I think if you try her with a bottle a couple of times a day and be persistant she will come around eventually.

Bluepig Thu 16-Dec-10 12:51:41

Thanks, we've got Dr Brown teats and I've tried Tommee Tippee wide neck bottle as well. We warm the milk in a pot of boiling water so I think the bottle is pretty warm. Do you know what kind of teats are supposed to be more breast-like?

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