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EBM - how much do I need to express for 24 hours?

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beanlet Wed 15-Dec-10 12:09:48

From January when my BF baby will be 6 months, I have to do a hideous once-weekly overnight commute without him. DH and nursery will look after him just fine, and he's very good with taking EBM from bottles already.

But how much milk in mL do I need to express for 24 hours away?

He's currently 7.6 kg (16 lbs 13 oz) if that helps, and in a month I'd expect him to be about 8 kg. I'm not going to begin weaning him for the first month so that it doesn't unsettle him even more than he already will be.

(cross posted in going back to work)

MoonUnitAlpha Wed 15-Dec-10 13:14:51

Breastfed babies typically take 25oz of milk a day between 1-6 months - volume doesn't increase with age in the way formula feeding does. I think the "normal" range is anything from 20-30 oz.

MumNWLondon Wed 15-Dec-10 14:24:05

How many BFs does he have a day? A non weaned 6 month old would probably drink towards the upper end of the estimate (30oz?), and there may end up being some wastage esp if nursery are giving it to him.

If you don't want him to have formula or food probably worth having a little extra expressed milk in the freezer just in case.

FWIW my DS2 was not unsettled by weaning, if anything he was much more settled as he felt fuller and wasn't permanently hungry like when he was EBF (by the time I weaned was feeding almost 2 hourly day and night). You might find that him having some solids could take the pressure off and mean you have to express a bit less?

As a very rough guide, and BF do take less than this, the calculation for a FF baby at that weight would be 2.5oz per pound of weight, 2.5 x 17 lbs = 42.5oz. So I guess thats the maximum he'd drink?

auburnlizzy78 Wed 15-Dec-10 14:26:54

MoonUnitAlpha is right with her comments about volume of BM and age.

I express all my boy's feeds. He is a hungry lad aged 9 weeks and 15plus pounds. A litre would be enough for most babies I reckon, possibly more like 800-900ml would do.

beanlet Wed 15-Dec-10 19:03:24

Thanks; that's incredibly helpful. Currently he has about 7 feeds in 24 hours, but at least one feed during the day he's not much fussed about. Presumably once I do introduce food the amount will lessen too. I'll start out expressing a litre I think, and see how much he gets through.

PenguinArmy Thu 16-Dec-10 03:07:59

Just one thing I've found caregivers (and DH's) often overfeed babies with EBM as they convince themselves that they're unsettled because they're hungry.

As others have said 25oz in normal (19-30oz) which I view as 1oz per hour, so 3 hourly feeds 3oz plus 0.5-1oz for good measure. I'd leave 30oz and a small frozen amount for emergencies as otherwise they'd probably give it all. I made sure DH didn't give too much as I didn't want to worry about not expressing enough.

It's fine in the fridge for 8 days and can be reused once if not used the first time, so shouldn't need much defrosted milk.

Also (last thing) DD was fine on bottles until it was 12hours. I looked up the kellymom page on how to bottlefeed the breastfed baby and never had a problem again. I think the issue arose from my mum being used to feeding formula babies, where the motto is more 'feed them' versus 'let them feed' IYSWIM??? confused

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