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BF Oversupply - leaking boobs

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clarechick Tue 14-Dec-10 16:49:36

Need some advice, I have been breastfeeding and eventually getting into the swing of things with DD now 8 weeks old - feeling proud I've made it so far!!!

Over the last few days while feeding, I have noticed an increased leakage from the side I'm not feeding on - this happens with both breasts - I am soaking through breast pads and even have had to changes DD's clothes when it has leaked through so much!! I breastfeed on both sides at every feed - would this be causing such a massive leakage? How can i stop this or will it adjust itself - it is so frustrating as I am wet through after every feed. Help!! I am also feeling a letdown now between feeds during the day more often too.

MummyElk Tue 14-Dec-10 16:59:45

Hi clarechick
Briefly but it should calm down a bit - 8weeks is still pretty early on in the old breastfeeding journey and your boobs are adjusting to your DD and how she is feeding. At around 6 weeks your milk changes slightly, as does your DD's feeding habits, the milk is more concentrated and DD has got the hang of it! So for your boobs, it's now a case of them working out when she feeds and how long she feeds and how much milk they need to make....which can take a few weeks for them to do....

I think from memory my feeling of letdown ebbed away by about 12 weeks....and leakage also around about then - but EVERY boob is different grin
Can you try double padding with the breast pads? What make are you using? You could try reusable ones together with a disposable one.

But WELL DONE on doing so well with DD, sounds like you are doing great. It Will settle down, i promise

clarechick Tue 14-Dec-10 17:08:51

Thanks MummyElk for the encouragement! Just using Tesco / Mothercare disposable breastpads - but they are small and soak through very quickly - do you have another recommended make for me to try? Good idea about the reusable ones - will try it.

Yes DD is still a bit erractic about her feeding times but is now feeding the same amount of feeds per day so it may be more a timing thing as feeds can vary by an hour or so sometimes.

Hope it all settles down soon - just a bit frustrating as the problem has increased in the last few days which seems a bit strange...

blueberrysantabait Tue 14-Dec-10 17:15:00

I was like this but it has recently settled down, yours will settle down eventually too, your body needs to regulate itself. I had a massive oversupply (can get 4oz from breast shells in a feed shock ) and found that feeding from the same breast for 2 or 3 hours then switching to the other side helped regulate my supply too. I have found that Tommee Tippee or Lansinoh breast pads are the best for preventing leakage - they are quite thin but larger and so much better.

clarechick Tue 14-Dec-10 17:29:05

Thanks Blueberrysantabait, will look out for those breastpad makes. I'm sure I could get at least an oz in one feed too - how did you find the breast shells - are they easy to use or a bit fiddly? also if supply is likely to settle down, are they worth getting...

Squitten Tue 14-Dec-10 17:59:05

DS2 is only just over a week and I'm leaking all over the place! For some reason he's not so good at latching on on my left side and I swear to God we're both nearly drowned before he gets it!

I'm using the Lansinoh breast pads and they are very good at mopping up the excess

blueberrysantabait Tue 14-Dec-10 19:24:31

Clare - yes worth getting as DD2 is now 6mo and I still use them during feeds as I still let down from both sides when feeding.

RJandA Tue 14-Dec-10 20:31:45

Have you heard of breast shells? They catch the drips which you can then discard / freeze / donate to a milk bank.

Can't comment on this particular type as I was never lucky enough to need them!

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