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breast feeding and how to stop

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graciem Mon 13-Dec-10 21:59:21

hi im bf my 11month old ds and i am well and truly ready to stop. ive no idea how to do this. any suggestions. thanks

notjustsomeonesmum Mon 13-Dec-10 22:22:30

How often do you BF at the mo? With my DD I Bf till 13 months but probably by about 10 months I only Bf once in the morn and once before bed. We got to that point quite easily as I dropped the 11 AM feed and replaced it with drink in a beaker and solid snack, then a little later we replaced the 3pm feed with drink in a beaker and solid feed. Then we just replaced the nightime BF with a bottle of milk and the morning one with solids.
I think if you are BF a lot then the guidelines are to drop one feed every 3 days. Hope that helps. The NCT BF advice line may be able to help more.

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