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good nursing bra

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putthekettleon Mon 13-Dec-10 20:12:33

anyone got any recommendations for a good nursing bra? Maybe even with underwiring?! DD2 is 6 months now and I'm still wearing the same 2 maternity bras I had when I was pregnant - now that I've actually fitted into some of my old clothes I've realised my boobs are kinda heading a bit south sad so I need to hoick them up!

whomovedmychocolate Mon 13-Dec-10 20:13:32

Bravissimo - though expensive are v good. Royce bras (sold in Debenhams and elsewhere) are the best I've found for hoicking wink

bruhaha Mon 13-Dec-10 20:18:11

Debenhams - Miriam Stoppard range, thought they were really good. Mothercare are rubbish - steer clear.

Haggisfish Mon 13-Dec-10 21:16:44

I find the holtmilk ones great - and this website is very good eT6qUCFQZO4QodlTFL1A

Fibilou Mon 13-Dec-10 21:20:32

I second Hotmilk; lovely designs, good sizing

susiey Mon 13-Dec-10 21:26:48

I love hotmilk they are very supportive and so beautiful.
I tried an underwired one and found it quite uncomfortable.

Trillian42 Mon 13-Dec-10 22:10:54

Hotmilk are lovely, but Anita have way more support and you can get underwired!

putthekettleon Tue 14-Dec-10 09:06:58

thanks all, I'll check them out. No idea what size I am now, so I'll get measured in M&S and then do some internet shopping grin

Trillian42 Tue 14-Dec-10 09:51:56

M&S were way off with my sizing so I'd try somewhere else to be honest. Happy shopping

marriednotmulled Tue 14-Dec-10 10:24:08

If you can't find anywhere else to go, take M&S's measurement of your size. Then deduct 2 band sizes and add 3 cup sizes. E.g. 38C= 34E.

Whatever result you get may not be perfect but will still be a damned sight closer to the truth!

MilkChic Tue 14-Dec-10 17:03:45

Message deleted

Trillian42 Tue 14-Dec-10 17:09:37

marriednotmulled - that's exactly what my measurement ended up as alright! 36C to 32F! Maybe you've found the universal formula shock

MilkChic Tue 14-Dec-10 18:16:19

Message deleted

mrsgordonfreeman Tue 14-Dec-10 21:15:43

Elle MacPherson have a new range out, I'm wearing one now and feel thoroughly hoicked. Figleaves and John Lewis have them.

I measure myself but then again, I have had training as a bra fitter. The trick is to pull the tape tight under the boobies and very loose over them.

I find Selfridges to be the best at fitting, obv that's no help if you don't live near one...

marriednotmulled Wed 15-Dec-10 07:59:52

Agree with Debenhams in terms of range, fitters ok sometimes. Only store I'd buy a bra outside of where I work (an independent).

As a fitter, I've never used a tape measure yet. There are so many variables within brands, fabrics etc that it's easier to simply fit each bra by eye/feel. The band should be as snug as you can comfortably manage it as most of the support is there rather than in the straps.

The Hotmilk bras are generally great but forget their moulded ones.

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