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Good place for breastpump spares?

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AngelDog Mon 13-Dec-10 13:51:14

I have a small part missing from my manual Avent pump - can anyone recommend a good place to get spare parts?

Igglystuffedfullofturkey Mon 13-Dec-10 20:47:05

Angel I might have a spare avent manual pump which you can have? I've got the electric one which also converts to manual but I never use that. I can have a look for you?

AngelDog Mon 13-Dec-10 21:36:14

Ooh, thanks, Iggly - that'd be great - but only if you really don't use it. (Happy to give you something for it, of course!)

I do have an electric one which is what I normally use but I've been struggling to express at work in a room where the motor can be overheard from the ladies' loo, the power socket doesn't work and the batteries keep running out of power. hmm

I return home looking like Pamela Anderson - but fortunately I've not had any leakages yet.

Igglystuffedfullofturkey Tue 14-Dec-10 01:24:46

grin at pamela! I'll check tomo and confirm I've got it still then you can PM your details. No I don't want anything - tis Xmas!
I know what you mean about expressing at work. Our designated room is next to a meeting room hmm

AngelDog Tue 14-Dec-10 15:58:28

Ta! smile

Igglystuffedfullofturkey Tue 14-Dec-10 19:11:32

Have it! which bit do you need? PM me and I can send it to you asap grin

AngelDog Tue 14-Dec-10 22:45:22

Great - thanks. Just off to bed now but I'll have a look and PM you tomorrow. smile

AngelsfromtherealmsofgloryDog Wed 15-Dec-10 10:41:10

I've PM'd you. blush

Catilla Wed 15-Dec-10 10:49:42

I also have a bag of parts and no longer have the pump... so CAT me if I can help!

Igglystuffedfullofturkey Wed 15-Dec-10 14:12:29

Angel I can't get the blooming PM to work on my phone hmm

No worries, have a great Xmas! I hope your DS is sleeping better. Mine isn't hmm

AngelsfromtherealmsofgloryDog Wed 15-Dec-10 19:26:21

Oh dear, Iggly. I'm just about to start (tonight!) working on DS's nighttime sleep again. He's working on dropping his first nap, which is perhaps a bad time to try messing with things, but we'll see how it goes.

Catilla, thanks for the offer. I discovered that I was looking at a funny set of instructions which showed a non-essential part, so I think I've actually got everything I need. blush. But thanks anyway! smile

Igglystuffedfullofturkey Wed 15-Dec-10 21:15:16

Good luck Angel! DS is having none of it when it comes to nap dropping. When he was really ill, he would sleep for two hours morning and afternoon! I'm wondering when it will happen and how to cope... How do you know he's ready to drop it?

AngelsfromtherealmsofgloryDog Wed 15-Dec-10 23:04:43

Two hours morning and afternoon envy <swoons>

How I know he's droppping a nap: he now won't go to sleep for his morning nap till 10am (wakes at 6.30am). He hasn't routinely slept for more than 35 mins for this nap for 2-3 months. (If he does sleep longer in the morning, he'll only sleep 45 mins at the next nap, instead of 2 hours.)

I think the first nap getting shorter is often an indication that they're starting to drop a nap.

He was having the second nap 1-3pm. Now he can't go to sleep before 3pm. Then he still wants to sleep for 2 hours, but that means he can't go to sleep at bedtime before about 9.30pm or later, which is definitely too late.

So the compromise solution is to keep the first nap at 10am, and only let him sleep 45 mins at 3pm, so that he can be asleep between 7 and 7.30pm.

It's not enough sleep for him overall, but I'm taking Elizabeth Pantley's advice of sticking to two naps for as long as possible. On the positive side he seems to be tired rather than overtired - we've not had early morning wakings and only one night of being up for an hour and a half. He seems to be coping (so far!) better than with the drop from 3 to 2, when we had both those problems.

The length of awake time before he gets sleepy again seems to have lengthened all of a sudden rather than gradually. confused It took me by surprise a bit! wink

IIRC the Weissbluth stats, 4% of babies are on one nap at 12 months, 50% at 18 months and 96% at 24 months. So your DS is well within the normal range IMO.

Igglystuffedfullofturkey Thu 16-Dec-10 07:27:17

That's good to know. I crazily gave away the HSHHC book to SIL (for her to borrow) but I miss it!

Well the two hour naps were needed - we were having night wakings for 1-3 hours. Poor thing couldn't breathe through his nose as it was so blocked. Then he was teething (or I suspect it might actually have been an ear infection) which upset him! Plus waking every 2-3 hours.

However last night he surprised me by going from 11pm-4am! With normal naps. I feel much better today

AngelsfromtherealmsofgloryDog Thu 16-Dec-10 08:22:44

Sounds like you've had a pretty horrible time.

Working on DS's sleep didn't last that long - by 1am I just wanted to go to bed (nearly fell asleep feeding in the chair) so I took him into bed and that was it for the night. wink We'll start again tonight. grin

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