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Advice needed from the big-breasted !

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Podster Sun 12-Dec-10 22:58:06

I didn't do so well breastfeeding DD1 for various reasons and am determined to do better with DS1. He seems to be feeding ok (4 weeks now), but I still haven't ventured out with him much as I don't know how I can feed discretely in public. I always had quite large breasts before and now they are enormous - bigger than his head The only position I can comfortably feed him in is on a pile of cushions and he is under my arm facing head up. Anything else and I either feel like I am suffocating him (especially cradle hold) and he doesn't get enough of my breast in his mouth, which ends up making my nipples a bit sore. Also on that point if you have large nipples and large areolae how much realistically can a newborn baby get in their mouth ?.......any advice appreciated.

BongoWinslow Sun 12-Dec-10 23:37:04

I'm tall with v. big boobs and this is a godsend:

I use the lrg size filled with buckwheat so it makes a very high firm pillow. You can also reshape it to changes angles.

I find it really hard to find tops for bfing (I'm a GG cup) so I order these from Australia (!) and love them: ce/w6252/?categoryid=1067# they're really stretchy and discreet. I think cross over tops like these are best for lrge boobed women.


Tryharder Mon 13-Dec-10 00:33:27

When mine were newborns, I would support my breast with the other hand otherwise the weight of my breasts would be too much for them to maintain their latch.

If you have large nipples, then you can't expect them to get that much in their mouths - I have had this discussion with HCPs before. But as they get older, the latch deepens and they get more efficient atfeeding.

If he is suffocating in the cradle hold, then perhspa you are holding him too far across your lap. He needs to be at an angle so his head tilts as he latches on so his nose would be clear of the breast.

Can you feed lying down - that's easy if you havelarge breasts (I always found)

CountBapula Mon 13-Dec-10 00:48:11

I sometimes prop my boob up with a rolled-up muslin to save having to hold it up - as tryharder says, the weight of my giant post-natal baps causes DS to lose his latch.

For discreet feeding in public, look no further than a Breastvest (try googling it). Covers up mummy tummy and sits underneath your bra so you can just lift top up, unclip and hey presto. Also means you can wear whatever you like without being restricted to breastfeeding tops, which IME are invariably fugly and expensive.

chillichill Mon 13-Dec-10 07:35:36

I second holding the boob up. I had to when dd was new but now 11 weeks and she can handle it on her own.
I didn't really bf in public till about 6 weeks when we were.both a lot better at it.
I use a bebe au lait hooter hider. I love it cause it covers everything but you can still see the lo without sticking your own head under the cover or having to lift it up.

Fuchzia Mon 13-Dec-10 07:44:41

Used to pop mine over the top of my v neck so they were held up somewhat by my bra and top. Of course if you are going to do this a feeding apron is a must they start from about £7 on eBay

Louii Mon 13-Dec-10 07:57:52

I have huge boobs GG but think may be bigger at the minute.
I feed in regular across body position, my elbow where DD head is I rest on my leg for support.
She would be kind of underneath the boob a bit as they are hanging rather lower than they used to, sorry tmi. grin
Can't feed lying down this time as can't get comfy.
I always just lift top up (wear underwire regular bra) and pull bra down.

ArthurPewty Mon 13-Dec-10 08:02:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Scaredycat3000 Mon 13-Dec-10 11:22:09

I liked draped tops that had elastic round the bottom and a smaller top underneath to cover my belly. That way you could pull the top up and it would stay there, and you could arrange the draped fabric quite well. I used a muslin as an extra in the early days.
I used a rugby hold and got on well with that.

GoldenGreen Mon 13-Dec-10 11:30:42


nice tops, bebe au lait covers and breastvests in stock there - they may be cheaper elsewhere though but I like that site as their customer service is good.

I am an H cup while bfing and found it much easier as dd got bigger and didn't need so much help with latching on. Now I can feed more discreetly - except that she's nearly 7 months and very nosy!

aswellasyou Mon 13-Dec-10 11:42:57

I have H cup boobs and did find it a bit more difficult earlier on than I do now (12 weeks later). As I got more used to feeding, I found that I could get her to tilt her head back away from my skin. She wouldn't do it at first so I held one finger on my boob at the end of her nose.

I've also got rather large nipples and areolae and used to force a lot into her mouth but sometimes she would gag! Now I think if she seems happy and it doesn't hurt then the latch is alright.

I've never had a problem holding her comfortably though and haven't ever used a cushion so I can't help there.

I'm not too shy about showing a bit of boob in public-as long as people can't see my areola I don't really care. However, I find that nothing is on show when I lift up my top rather than pulling it down and I wear high waisted jeans so noone can see my stretchmarks!

elvisgirl Mon 13-Dec-10 12:13:58

Can you feed one-handed with big boobs? How about in sling? I did the hand supporting the breast & resting babe on my knee thing (or using a feeding cushion) but have been told - on MN I think - that if I can't feed using just one hand/arm then I am doing something wrong. I used to envy the other bf-ing mums at mums' group cradling their babe in one arm whilst texting/drinking coffee with the other hand whilst I was fumbling about desperately trying to get a latch. Would love for it to be easier with our next babe.

I also had a portable feeding cushion that self-inflated with a lovely soft cover, from Great Expectations I think.

Tryharder Mon 13-Dec-10 14:00:11

It is harder to feed one handed with big boobs. My DD is 4 months old now and her latch is strong enough to bear the weight of my ginormous post pregnancy/eating too much cake boob but if she's tired or faffing about, I still support my breast to help her along. It is a pain when you have no hands free to eat/read/go on computer - I agree and I envy flat chested women who just stick their baby on in a sling to feed and carry on doing the supermarket shop or whatever.

There was something about a feeding apron earlier in the thread - am just off to look for one on ebay. Don't any of you lovely ladies dare to come and bid against me. grin

Tryharder Mon 13-Dec-10 14:08:53

Ok, just looked at the feeding aprons and they are just bits of cloth to hide the baby when you are feeding. I thought they somehow held up your breasts for you - got wrong end of stick, obviously.

I really wish someone would invent a sort of bodice thing that wedged large boobs and held them in one place so you could more easily latch your baby on. It would have a little removable bit at the front so the aureole and nipple were exposed but the boob does not move. Seriously - if anyone out there could invent one, do so, and I'll buy it!

LutyensInTinsel Mon 13-Dec-10 15:23:35

DD2 is 5 weeks old and I have G cups (used to be a mere E cup before pregnancy!)

I too have to hold my boob up so she can latch. It's very annoying to have no hands free and I tend to get a cramp if she feeds for very long. I have to pull her off my breast after 15-20 minutes to give my arm a rest. When she was a premie newborn I also had to hold my areole away from her nose with a finger. A circus contortionist couldnt have done better grin I don't feed in public as I feel much too conscious...if my shawl slips off my shoulders I don't have a free hand to grab it quickly. Friend's house, fine...crowded mall, no.

Agree with Tryharder that if anyone invents something that will hold my boob up for me, I'd buy it like a shot. It can't be very hard, maybe a corset type of garment?

xMrsSx Mon 13-Dec-10 15:28:27

get on dragons den?! I'll buy one too! wink

otchayaniye Mon 13-Dec-10 15:28:40

Same as Lutyens. I used the rugby in the early days. Mine was 5lb and a bit prem and it was tricky. God, I hated the first few weeks -- I felt clumsy and useless. But actually it was going well.

mollycuddles Mon 13-Dec-10 15:48:03

I'm a mere F but agree with most here. I use rugby hold and feeding lying down at home which is easier but means I've never become a cradle hold expert and still get a big flustered at the thought of bf in public. More because especially on my left boob her latch still slips (she's 6 months now). I wear layers for discretion when I'm out and have never bought any special products. A stretchy, too big vest can be pulled down under my breast and top pulled up means not a lot on view. Then a big cardie wrapped round for warmth and added security. Wouldn't get on with aprons as she needs to see me to feed - sounds sweet but means tops etc pushed up so she has a good view of me which scuppers my discretion somewhat. I do remind myself that in clubbing days gone by more of my boobs were on show regularly with low cut tops.

MilkChic Mon 13-Dec-10 16:30:38

Message deleted

Podster Mon 13-Dec-10 21:16:57

Thank you all so much, some great tips on here. I tried the boob holding and it works a treat, hopefully it will get easier with time and I can avoid long-term RSI !! Will play around with some big vest, jumper combos tomorrow as I need to get comfortable going out and about.
blush at making DC gag - my experience too, think I need to stop trying to choke the poor little man. This is one time when I would happily give being a B cup a go

missmakesstuff Mon 13-Dec-10 21:39:38

I had real problems with this, dd was tiny and my boobs are gynormous, and not very perky...I eventually started getting pain in my wrists! so I used to buy big cheap silky scarves from primarni (other retailers are available of course, but found I didnt care how milky it got when it only cost £2 they also do cheap vests in lots of colour - v good for hiding tummy) and used to pop one end in my bra strap, use to cover up whilst I hoiked everything out and latched her on, and stuffed the rolled up end of the scarf under my boob to help prop it up in the right direction..if you see what I mean...also did rugby hold early on, and would find sofas or seats I could sort of slouch back in, which made it easier to get her in the right position too.

Actually might get my sewing machine out and see if I could make something...does the 'Boob Bolster' sound snappy enough for dragons den?!?

xMrsSx Mon 13-Dec-10 21:48:54

The boob bolster - I like it smile If you need any 'prototype testing' then give me a shout. If not then at least send me a list of stockists!! grin

thesecondcoming Mon 13-Dec-10 22:23:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TwentiethCenturyHeffa Mon 13-Dec-10 22:28:51

My boobs are huge, and I always have to hold them to feed DS (7 months). When he was little I used the rugby hold whenever I was out and about which was great, quite comfortable and discreet. These days, I find that it's easier to be sitting cross-legged on the floor so he's supported on my lap rather than sitting on a chair. Cradle hold has never really worked for me tbh but we manage just fine Lying down is very comfortable at home.

elvisgirl Tue 14-Dec-10 03:34:16

I got De Quervains syndrome in my wrists from the way I was using my hands when bf-ing - v painful & annoying.

Actually there are two inventions that might help someone: one is a sort of sling that was showcased on one of those invention shows here in Australia: it's called the Booby Booster (typcially Asutralian, call it as you see it). Haven't tried it as I got sick of spending so much stuff on baby accessories but might be a must have for next babe.

The other one is a small foam wedge that sits under the boob to prop it up (some people just use a rolled up towel I think). I tried it but think I got the wrong size. Can't remember the name, probably Boob Wedge!! Not googling that tho!

Pumping is also extra tricky. There are allegedly corsets you can get that hold breast pumps in place but I just know they wouldn't work for big boobs.

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