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How long does formula "keep"?

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wickedfairy Sun 12-Dec-10 21:54:58

As above really - DD is breastfed but tonight I had to go out for a few hours, DH was left with a ready made carton for DD just in case she became hungry. I fe her before I went out but she needed fed again, so DH gave her the carton. She only drank 50ml of it before falling asleep.

How long will the remaining formula keep in the fridge?

Would it last until Monday night or should I just bin it?

Any advice would be appreciated! TIA

cat811 Sun 12-Dec-10 22:05:54

I think it says on the side of the carton-it always did on mine. Have a feeling it's 24 hours in fridge once open, but I could be wrong...

wickedfairy Sun 12-Dec-10 22:11:40

Thanks - DH put all the liquid into a bottle before warming it up. So what is left is in a bottle in the fridge.

I should probably bin it then.....

MoonUnitAlpha Sun 12-Dec-10 22:32:25

If it's been heated you can't keep and reheat it - bin it.

BikeRunSki Sun 12-Dec-10 22:37:06

Bin it.

Seona1973 Mon 13-Dec-10 12:18:21

once heated it needs using within 2 hours so bin it. To save waste he could have poured some from the carton into the bottle and then the remainder in the carton could have been kept in the fridge for up to 24 hours.

wickedfairy Mon 13-Dec-10 12:43:33

Thanks for all the advice - it's binned!

Will also tell him to only pour part of a carton, so there is not as much waste if it all isn't drunk in one go!

Thanks smile

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