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Milk supply

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Trudyla Sun 12-Dec-10 12:54:14

Hi all,

I have been very ill yesterday, may have been food poisoning or a virus and I couldn't eat or drink anything and was sick a lot. Today I'm feeling much better but it seems that I have lost most of my milk supply.

My DD is nearly 20 weeks and EBF and has been very frustrated and crying at the breast today and yesterday. She is waking up a lot more and never seems satisfied. I tried to giver her some frozen BM but she wouldn't have any of it and pulled a face.

Now I don't know what to do. She clearly isn't getting enough milk and she doesn't want to keep sucking to boost my supply. She just pulls on the nipple, cries and stops drinking. What can I do to get some more milk into her? I know that giving formula will not help me producing more milk but surely if she doesn't suck, I won't be producing more either? sad

Help please.



rubyslippers Sun 12-Dec-10 12:59:36

I don't think you can lose your milk supply within 24 hours

I think it is coincidental that your DD seems unsettled today

What I would do is offer her the breast as often as poss - is she teething?

Babies are very distractible at this age

Also , maybe a nursing strike if it has been a sudden change in your DD

Try to feed her when she is sleepy - in a darkened room, before her nap?

Offer, offer and offer the breast - maybe some skin to skin in bed?

sedgiebaby Sun 12-Dec-10 18:15:41

Are you still dehydrated from being poorly? Is baby poorly or might there be somehting else entirely causing the behavior (teething?) Can you pump to both see what you have and to stimulate if baby will not suck. Kellymom has lots of advice re boosting milk supply if you are sure that is the problem

Trudyla Mon 13-Dec-10 08:35:08

Hi again,

Thanks for your replies. I've tried to feed and keep her on the breast as much as possible, it's just that she gets so frustrated and cries a lot.

I don't think she is poorly as she is fine (for a bit) and is smiling and laughing when I take her off.

I think I am still quite dehydrated so I'm trying to eat and drink as much as possible but my tummy is still not right so I have to be quite careful.

I will try and pump after I've finished feeding her in the evening to boost my supply. Good idea!



stickersarecurrency Mon 13-Dec-10 10:14:25

I think illness can cause temporary supply issues. If your daughter's laughing she's not desperately hungry yet! Don't worry about forcing food down if you don't feel like it, just keep taking small amounts of liquid to avoid dehydration. It won't make a difference to your milk but will help you feel better. And I would forget the pump - it won't tell you anything about your supply and it won't be as good at sorting your supply as demand feeding your DD anyway!

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