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Refusing the only bf I give her

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Fifilottie Sat 11-Dec-10 19:04:24

I have been weaning my Dd (nine months) off the breast for various reasons and now just keep the evening feed as a bf and this has worked well for both of us. For the past two nights she has refused this though. May be she is just too full from teatime an hour before. I feel very disheartened as I loved to keep hold of this feed and never really got the chance to say goodbye to bfing her. She was early and it took months of hard work to get my milk supply up so I could ebf her for 7 months. Do you think this is the end or she is just having a strange couple of days. Has anyone else had any similar experiences???

RuthChan Sat 11-Dec-10 19:23:33

The chances are that having cut down to only one feed per day, she has decided that she no longer needs to BF at all and is self weaning.
If you really don't want to stop, you can continue to offer for a few more evenings, but if she no longer wants it, you won't be able to force her.

Fifilottie Sat 11-Dec-10 19:41:28

That makes sense and I don't know why I didn't see it coming. I will try and offer it though for the next few evenings...just in case! How strange I know I set myself up for it but I may well have to say goodbye to it. Silly, for me not to see this coming. DP has just been reassuring me not to feel bad!!

RuthChan Sat 11-Dec-10 19:51:46

You shouldn't feel bad.
You said yourself you had reasons for cutting down.
One reason for her losing interest may be that your supply has dropped because you're only feeding once a day. She may not be getting enough to keep her interested.
You might be right in that she's just having an off day or two. If that's true she'll pick it up again in a day or two. Otherwise, you may have to decide whether to call it a day or whether to offer her BFing more times a day in an attempt to restart her interest and your own supply.

Fifilottie Sat 11-Dec-10 20:05:38

THank you RuthChan. Yes I have some thinking to do. I was silly to think I could hang on to that one feed forever...Really that was just for myself if you know what I mean. I will see what happens in the next few days. My intention was to bf morning and evening but as I dropped bf and replaced with ff(only every three weeks) for some reason my morning supply went right down so I had to ff at that time. This is a predictable and common situation and another thing I should have seen coming. Boobs feel quite full now so I don't think it's supply. She didn't even try. I'll just see what happens and be open minded. Thank you for your response!!!!

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