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nearly 11mo biting and not interested in BF

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yankbabymum Thu 09-Dec-10 19:43:34

My DS is nearly 11mo and after a rocky start has been fantastic at BF and has rarely bitten me even though he got his first tooth at 6mo. He's eating tons of solid food including plenty of dairy.
Over the last few weeks he's been messing about when I've tried to feed him. He's bitten me (not very hard) frequently over the last few days and refused to feed at all this morning. He's not upset just doesn't seem to be bothered. He's still having a feed last thing at night quite successfully but overall he's probably only drinking 3-4oz per day as I'm not producing much milk anymore. I'm not sure if it's a nursing strike or if he's just ready to stop. My HV suggested stopping BF (for the sake of my boobs!) and giving him FF until he's 1yo.
I just want to do what's best for him, I don't mind stopping BF as long as it's the right thing for him.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.

FlightofFancy Thu 09-Dec-10 20:05:22

Not sure I can offer many word of wisdom, but my 11mo DS has had a few phases of this - often when he's coming down with something. He was particularly bad with biting when he'd just got his top teeth and was getting used to them.

How often are you feeding? With lots of solids we're down to 7am, 3pm (actually a bottle as he's at nursery) and 7pm (then a couple of times at night, but that's another story!). He'll often mess around and bite when I'm trying to make him feed when he's not hungry or just more interested in other stuff. Usually settles after a few days and doesn't seem to do him any harm.

For the sake of a month, you could just carry on for a bit then go straight to cows milk?

yankbabymum Thu 09-Dec-10 20:16:59

Thanks FoF, I'm feeding him first thing in the morning 7am before his breakfast, and at bedtime 7pm. I had been feeding him mid-afternoon on occasion but he was particularly uninterested at that feed so I dropped it about a week ago. I tried offering him a feed about half an hour after his breakfast today but he refused.

I'd like to stick it out for another month but I don't want to upset him or me. I felt quite angry with him yesterday, then overwhelmingly guilty for being angry sad. I can't decide if it'd be better for DS to try to continue with BF but with possible emotional fallout or FF (with a side order of guilt for not making it to a year!)

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