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tear ducts connected to milk ducts?

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dublinmom Thu 09-Dec-10 14:57:05

For some reason I am having an overflowing day today, very full breasts and leaking, etc. And I'm so weepy! I rationally see there's nothing much wrong, but i just feel like crying all day long. Not depressed, really, just tearful.

I've noticed this before, not just the intial milk coming in day, but whenever I have extra milk, like when dd sleeps an extra hour (or 2) at night. More milk = crying?!!

Anyone else?

tiktok Thu 09-Dec-10 15:27:59

I know it can work the other way - when bf women have an emotional experience, good or bad, inc even watching a weepy film, they can feel a let down.

It's oxytocin, I expect - the surge you get in order for your breasts to leak also works on your emotions.

Weird, eh

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